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Smoked steak.?

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My wife picked up a couple steaks.. called "charcoal steaks" Honestly never heard of them.

And we had some left over, she asked why don't we smoke these? I couldn't think of why not. But, i haven't seen many people talkin' on here about smoking steaks really. Ribeye, TBone, etc.

Anyone out there do this.? How does it work for ya.?
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This might help:




Let us know what you do, pics are always appreciated wink.gif

So, it depends on the steak and how you want to do it. One is a smoke, the other on the grill. A lot depends on fat content and more importantly, prep.
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I've smoked a couple rib-eyes. Took them off at 145*. Very good and moist.
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I take mine off at 120' and sear on the Weber gas till med rare.
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I smoked a couple of filet mignons in the smoker a while back. They turned out mighty good. Just marinate them in a good marinade for beef and smoke them as you would any other piece of meat.
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I smoked this cheap charcoal steak today, and i wasn't very impressed. It was good and all. but, nothing to write home about.

It was a last min addition though. the next one i'll marinate, and probably get a better cut too. this was a left over piece of meat i threw in there with the ribs and chicken just to save it from going bad. i put a generic rub on it and threw her in.

BUT, tomorrow i'm trying pastrami.!! and i'm doing a regular brisket too.! I tried a new rub that i just threw together too. If it works out good i'll share it. :)
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Share please always looking for new ideas.
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