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Lazy ash U.D.S.

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O.k. , I'm lazy . Building my drum today and want easier way to clean ash then just tipping the barrel. But the most suitable things I can find are all galvanized.Can ya use a wire brush or wheel to remove the zinc coating and make it safe ? My alterative is maybe a large tera -cota saucer or sumpin.
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A shop vac works great after they are cold.
Also someone mentioned one of those cheap charcoal grills..that come with a bag of charcoal. They would work I would think.

Just some ideas.
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Thanks cowgirl ! Yes , I have heard about the shop vac method and think it is a great idea.However my plan was if my build is succesfull I would like to make a few more to give away to some friends and family who also enjoy a good q. Not all of em will have a shop vac layin around !
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I'm not sure about the galvanized stuff. I know it has to get pretty hot to emit dangerous fumes, but I'd probably avoid it. (just me)
I like your idea about those terra cotta dishes, they might be an option and I do not think they are very expensive...maybe you could attach handles for easy lifting?

I know it's a big reach for me to get to the bottom of my UDS. lol
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Side question - can you drill thru tera- cota w/ a masonry bit ?Without it cracking ?
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Thanks W.D. not a bad idea but I want hi - tech man ! Got the parts assembled ( sept for da ash pan ) to build something like this
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Gorilla, I like the looks of that!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have an old hoe that I sawed the handle down about half. I use that to "scoop" out the ashes I get. I don't use a drip pan in my UDS and what little ash I get from lump charcoal sort of mixes with the drippings and if you just mix it a little more, it comes out real easy. I thought about making some sort of "catch pan" for the ashes, but after using the shorted handle hoe... I can't see going through the effort and any expense to make a catch pan for ashes.

**You may have to bend the blade a little bit if it is angled too much, i.e. make it about 90 degrees or more away from the handle.
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what about this...its a pooper scooper

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if you guys would read back........there IS a item for collecting ash with a LONG handle.........if you need too, grind down the corners to fit the radius of the barrel
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I was going to grind the hoe corners to a radius, but it works good enough as is. I clean it every two weeks after using the UDS 2 - 3 times a week and I bet I don't get more than half a coffee can of ash out of there.
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