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We dont talk about Debbi much since she has been banned. Some think she is part of the "Axis of Evil". But I still call her MOM. Got this tip from her years ago and it took me this long to try it.

Pistachio nut shells.

Soaked them, wrapped them in foil, and placed them on top of a few lit coals in my chargriller. The smoke smelled kinda strong so I took the cheese out after about 30 minutes. Awsome! (I hate thet word)
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neat..was watching the smoke comp at the rosebowl last night on the food net work. several lady BBQ pros used ground up pecan shells in foil for a small smoke..
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Huh...interesting! I have heard the pecan shells thing... Wonder about other nut shells?
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Haven't had pistachios in a while , great excuse for getting another bag of 'em biggrin.gif
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How interesteing!
I just yesterday made some fried chix with ground pistachios and tossed all the shells...drat! no worries the baby girl loves em, I will now not toss the shells!
Thanks for the new info...I can't wait to try it..perhaps with a fattie....
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Wow, insanely cool Dude.
I always pitch em.
No mo.
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Hey its a great excuse to buy more nuts. And then when ya got all these shells around, a great excuse to smoke again. Win win!
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any nut shell will werk.......pecan shells ROCK......and to me, Dee Jay Debi is NOT part of the axis of evil........miss her bunches
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Im with ya Dude.
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why did she get banned and what was the duration?
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for ever.........and no place to get into all that now
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Dang thats long
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