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First SmokieOkie

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Got up at 2:00 AM got smoker ready at 3:00 seared brisket at 3:30 Put on smoker at 3:45 pics coming soon.
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Nothing like a nice little fire to wake you up!
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Well done!
Can't wait to see the finished product!!
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Looks good! Patiently waiting for the rest of the Qview.
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Ok guys......and gals. I'm new here and have been reading your posts for some time now and admiring everyones work. But now I see something I haven't seen before. "Searing". What is the purpose of searing???? I've done a couple of briskets before and they went into the smoker without a sear.
As long as I'm here......I can-not for the life of me find a "new post" button so I can make my own post. Can someone help???
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Hi Gary - here's a link to a post that has the "why" behind searing a brisket:

I've personally tried 2 brisket smokes: one with the sear and the other without. From the results, I'll always sear from here on out.
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nice looking brisket sear. Fire in the Hole, if ya go to the actual forum that you want to post in, pork, beef, sides, ect. Then you will see a "new thread" tab.icon_smile.gif
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Great searing pics, love them !!!
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at the top of the page of each catagory there is a new thread button. This is where you will start your own thread. Good luck
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Hey...thanks guys. MY questions are answered........for now. Now I gotta crank up my digital and see if I can post pictures of my next batch of ribs.
Thanks again,
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I do have a question or 2.
First I was under the impression that it would take about 8 to 10 Hr. for a 12 lb brisket this one cooked under 6 internal temp was 198 when I took it off at 9:00 there was allot of fat in this one I guess that could be the reason. Also I tried to keep a "Thin Blue smoke" and I did a good job except when I throw a new log on the fire. I keep the logs worming on tho of the fire box and even split them in 1/4ths. Should I pre-burn them first? And if so who do you go about doing that?
OK I did get 1 pic of the finished brisket didn't take one after I cut it up sorry. I will post it when I get home. Also I am understanding when you do the searing you do not get much of a smoke ring?
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