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Chicken Leg Quarters w/ Back Portion

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Hey all. New poster here. I've only smoked a couple of times but I'm already hooked. Tomorrow I was going to try and do some chicken leg quarters with back portion (whatever the heck a back portion is). I'm using a Weber grill. Does anyone have any suggestions. Also, I know I'm supposed to try and maintain about 225 degrees, but for how long should I leave these on? I'll try and take some picts and post them tomorrow for all to see.

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cook to temp not time, but should take 1 1/2 hrs or so. just make sure the juice is clear.
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Brine or no? What are your thoughts?
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i brine, i think it helps the skin get crispy and the meat firmer.

1 cup salt
1 gal. water
1/2 cup oj or lime juice
1/2 cup brown suger
1/4 cup rub
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I alway brine birds. You'll find many who do not. Your choice! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your post. You'll find a few "related" links to see what others have done without having to do a lot of searching.
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Brine makes for a better bird but so does higher heat. wink.gif
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Thanks everybody. I've got the quarters in the brine. I used Smokebuzz's recepie and made a couple of small changes.
1 gal. water
1 c. salt (used 1/2 cup sea salt and 1/2 cup table salt)
1/2 c. no pulp orange juice
1/2 c. brown sugar
And a couple of healty splashes on both Soy Sauce and Worcester Sauce
1/4 c. store bought dry rub

It's in the fridge. Heading off to church then a b-day party. Will report back tonight when all is done.

I'm planning on using mostly apple wood and maybe a wee bit of hickory. When I did ribs last weekend I went pretty heavy on the hickory and didn't like the taste. It was almost overwhelming and burned the throat. Does anybody have any opinions on wood choices?

I read this...
about putting them in the oven for an hour after I take them off the grill/smoker.

I can't get the camera to talk to the computer this morning so maybe I can post the picts from work tomorrow.
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I use apple and cherry for chicken and, hickory and oak for beef
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Well I will play the Devil's advocate and say I never brine chicken. Don't find the need to.
Not sure how much space is in the Weber and how indirect you can keep the quarters, but once you get to 160ยบ, move them back over the heat, more direct to crisp up the skin.

From indirect heat of smoker

Pulled from the gas grill

Plenty moist PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those look awesome. Now I only hope mine turn out or I'm seriously gonna be disappointed (so will the wife and kids). Grill was just fired up! Should be eating in a couple of hours.
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Started at 10:00am soaking the chicken in the brine. Took them off the grill at 6:15. All of it was gone by 6:30. Guess I did ok. Took pictures but can't get the camera to talk to this computer. Will post them tomorrow. Thanks everybody for all your help.

Now I've done pork loin, spare ribs and chicken quarters. My says next I need to try fish. See you in the fish room soon!
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