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Pastrami # 3 & 4 W / QVIEW

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These are the rest of the batch I did a few weeks ago that I stole for $1.00 a pound. Here is the proof. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I unrapped and rinsed and dried them. Nice fat compared to the last 2. They passed the fry pan salt taste, no soaking needed.

I tried something a little different here tonight. I found this at Sam's Club from Weber. It is really peppery and has an ingredient called Bromelain that tenderizes meat. BTW, you can get that in a supplement form for inflamation of the joints, another subject.

Here they are all sides rubbed, along with the spice packs that came with the meat.

I am using Hickory chips and Apple wood chips.

Here is the method I am using that produced great results last time, why switch, right?

"I got out my smoking bible from 1984. Anyway, the bible by Rytec Kutas author of Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing says the following: Rub all sides with coarse black pepper, coriander, or use coarsley chopped pickling spices. You can also add paprika for a nice appearance. Then, place in smokehouse preheated to 130' wth dampers wide open. Hold at this temp for 1 hour or until the meat is dry. Close damper to 1/4 open and apply light smoke for about 2 hours. Gradually increase the temp to 200' - 220' and hold until internal temp reaches 175' - 180'. Then remove and allowed to to cool at room temperature for 1 -2 hours then refrigerate."

Temps on the smoker at at 214 now and is getting smoke, ahhh, nice.

As an added bonus I also rubbed this Ribeye steak with the Weber maranade, for a quick smoke and a sear on the Weber gas for dinner tonight.

I will also be making some Lone Star BBQ Sauce I found on this site, easy, and delicious, and mabe some baked beans.

As always, thanks for watching the QVIEW show.

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they shudda just paid ya to take em, buck a lb..... yup u stole
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Good lookin start! You in for a long evening? See ya here tomorrow!!
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Yep they have been stalled at 150' for a couple of hours, since I added the Lone Star BBQ sauce. Not sure that's what did it.

And, I tried some Lump charcoal, with no smoke. What's up with that?
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I just pulled them at 170' and wrapped them for a rest. Kinda peppery but that's what hot pastrami is right? I also dumped some of that sauce, all over, the floor on the counter, and cabinets, I am one pissed person. Oh well , I'll get over it.

I'll post the finished QVIEW tomorrow.

Thanks for watching my QVIEW.

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Looks great I gotta do me a 'strammie!
Your q-vues are killing me! Yum Yum!
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Thanks, I should have some QVIEW later all sliced up.
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Looking good Ron icon_smile.gif. I haven't tried one yet, but will soon.
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All Sliced Plenty QVIEW

Well, I finally got the Rival slicer out and sliced it all up. Can't shave though but nice thin slices.

Finished, nice bark.

Lone Star sauce just after smoke, not stired with drippings. Looks yuky, believe me it's the bomb.

Fully sliced. Nice marble for juiciness. The burnt ends into the Lone Star sauce.

Wife said this was the best smoke yet. She couldn't stop sampling. Even my helper Jackpot (Laso) woulldn't leave the slicer when I was slicing. The reason this was better than the first 2 was, last time I was gun shy about the salt and soaked for 12 hours, I think. Lesson learned. Plus the marinade I'm sure made a difference, nice and spicy and peppery.

Another $30.00 worth of excellent sammies for $6.00, I'll never find another deal like that.

For anyone that hasn't tried this, and like Pastrami this is the ticket. It is easy, following the method from Rytec. My next one will probably be a corned beef brisket, just for the added fat.

Thanks everyone for watching the show!

Good luck on all your smokes.
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look good man, i make that some time!!!!!
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Thanks erain, I Just had a sammie on caraway rye, with swiss and Grey Poupon, it was outstanding!!
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Looking good there ron.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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