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here a pic of of when it just crested 180, right or wrong takin to 200 and then gonna foil her up and let rest, thinkin either gonna have some slices of fall aprt brisket, or if it falls apart then pulled, maybe i get lucky and have some of each!!!!

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on the perfect track

That looks awesome, erain. Looks like you're brisket smoke will be a success! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how the meat tastes, YUM!!
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Lookin good buddy!!! hope to see the slices / pulled pile soon!!
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Lookin good buddy! Oter be mighty tastey!
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Looks good, I really like the color PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good dude! Brisket is next on my list....
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k pulled at 200, as you can see going into foil and then gonna wrap it up and leave set for a while. then see what we have...... the suspense is killing me

now maybe someone will chime in with some advice, these are drippings, now in freezer so i can get the fat to rize and discard. i tasted it and it tastes good but has a very reduced flavor. i was using apple juice in the pan to start with and this what i end up with. so maybe either add more apple juice or i was thinken apple cider vinegar???? want to add to the meat for a finishing sauce. open to any suggestions thanks

also i forgot to mention i used cherry wood for smoke. thks for ckin out my que
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If you want a stronger flavor you can reduce it a bt by simmering it down a bit. Depends on the flavor you are looking for.
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sorry meant concentrated flavor, real strong just lookin for ideas, or i will make an executive decision and add something... lol
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brisket drippin's

Hey Erain,
I know its a game time decision, but I would use the apple cider vinegar....also don't toss the fat!! save it, I saved it from my last brisket I took it off the top broke it into chunks and kept in the freezer. I used it in beans, rice and the latest was when I was making fried chix I used some in the grease...The chix came out nice fried with a subtly smokey flavor...
Your brisket looks great!
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looks great bud!I bet it tastes as good-maybe just add water to the strong drippings-if it already has to much apple in it.let me know?
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well here end of it, slicin didnt work,,,,, that ok pulled rite apart, talked to some guys on chat and they gave me idea for finish sauce, mix equal parts beef broth and apple cider vinegar and added to drippings and toned it down just fine. thks for ckin out my wview. i told goddess if brisket didnt turn out i was gonna grind up and make a fatty outta it.

pix of finaly

and here what it ll about

thanks for ckin my qview!!!!
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Very nice, now I am hungry !!!
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MMM beef! that is a gorgeous lookin' piece of meat, bet it was tasty! I'm working the courage up to sear my next brisket....good for you!
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Looks tastey!
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Erain, that looks soooooo good! Especially at lunch time! I've been saving some points for you till the finish, now I'll release them! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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