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Kiwi lemon mint breasts....

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These beauties are going on the ol' smoker tonight with me brisket...

First I let them swim for a day in a brine of:

3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup kosher salt
1 package lemonade mix (non sugar)
1 1/2 cup Kiwi lemon mint vinegar
2 tbls lemon pepper
1 big stix

when they were done with their olympic trials..
I rinsed them and rubbed them under the skin and on top with:

1 tbl kosher salt
3 tbl lemon pepper
2 tbl tumeric

back into the fridge until later.

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I don't know what to say except for what an awesome, interesting concoction of a brine ya got there!! This is when I wish we had virtual tasting available on the forum!!!

Looking forward to seeing how these turn out, I'm sure they will have a lovely lemony bite that is sure to tantalize those taste buds!!!
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lookin good kelly!!!! i dont know where you keep comin up with these new dishes!!!!
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looking fine, mighty fine..I like the idea of all the extra lengths you have gone thru to make it great.

when did you say the caban boy was hittin the road??
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just the title of the thread got me looking-another interesting mix.
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They are on!

Here they are....
They look beautiful I love the color the turmeric gives them...I am gonna give them a little boost of Kiwi lemon mint vinegar.....

Sorry I just realized the pix is kinda dark...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

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Man... I think you must cook/smoke more than me...err...TWO of me even! Rock on Chef Kell!
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Looks great.
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Looks great can't wait for final results
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Chix for breakie anyone??

Yard birds are done :)

Thx for peeking!
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Yummy, Yummy Kelly. Those look fantastic!! Slip one in the mail...will ya?? wink.gif
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I can only imagine the tenderness of those birds. Great job Chef Kel (love that name)!
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so much for cheerios this am eh kelly!!! they look great with the tan!!!!
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Question on last ingredient, first paragraph.

"1 big stix?"

Stick of butter, or ?
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Your breasts look great! :)
Seriously, what in tarnation is Kiwi Lemon Mint Vinegar?
Sounds great but I've never seen anything like that here.
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Big Stix - popcicle, cherry pinapple flavored..why? I was rushing on my brine and when I added it to the bucket I felt it was a little to warm so I tossed in a popcicle....it was a quick fix for my temp problem biggrin.gif

Here is the web site for the Kiwi Lemon Mint vinegar www.cgvinegars.com they are young couple who make artesian vinegars. I also just got one that is called "cherry kiss" it's made with cherries, oranges, vinegar sugar and chocolate mint...yum!

The chix came out wonderful, on a side note next time I think I would use less salt in the rub and perhaps actual mint leaves between the skin and breast while smoking...they are yummy, a subtle mint flavor with a nice citrus splash. I am going to use this for a chicken salad with raspberry vinegrette.......
Have a great week all!! Happy smokes!!

Here is my shameless plug....
Throwdown! Throwdown! don't forget about next weekend! biggrin.gif
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Those look fantastic nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Goddess -
That link correct?
Not workin for me.
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The Trouble With Being Blonde...

Here is the correct link http://www.cgvinegar.com/
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Nice chicks BBQG.
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