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Roasted pepper blackberry brisket

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Tonight I will be searing then smokin' this 13# beast

He is sitting in a rub of:

1 pkg of Blackcherry koolaid (non sugar)
1 tbl dark roast coffee
1 bag paradise island tropical tea
3 tbl kosher salt
1 tea nutmeg
2 tbl granulated onion
2 tbl California chili pwder
1 tbl cayenne pepper
1 pinch of cloves
3 tbl dk brown sugar

this is a wip...
more later
thanks for peeking
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That rub sounds great! I'm excited to see the results!
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sounds interesting-sear pic's please and more-good luck bbqG
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Lookin' good Kelly. Can't wait to see more pics...
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cant wait to see how she comes out for ya!!! interesting rub
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Some very unique ingredients for a rub; kool-aide, coffee and tea..... Brisket looks great, looking forward to hearing and seeing the results !!!
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Interesting, BBQG! Look forward to results.
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Looks great. Be sure to QView the results and let us know how it turned out.
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Makin me Crazy!!! Lookin forward to the big finish!!!
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Great combo of flavors! I have braised Buffalo roasts with a black coffee mixture, delicious! The blackberry/coffee/tea combo sounds interesting. Let us know how it turns out.
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Dang I luv this woman, can't wait to see the q-view.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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WOW its late!!

Ok I am gonna be trashed today!!
First pix of some YUMMY! YUM! YUM!

TK is why I am starting out sooooo late
oh also Montgomery Gentry, can I tell ya they rock!!

Enough said!!
Sear, baby Sear!!

we got good sear!!

I will be moping with Roasted pepper blackberry vinegar mixed with a little "voltage" (Mt. DEW - hey my guy drives for them I gotta sponser my sponsers right??) PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
more to come....
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Lookin good so far. Looking forward to the progress.
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3:45 and its raining again.....argh! no combat nap for me...
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That's a beeeeutiful looking sear on that meat... yum. Yer gettin' durn good there, Mizz Kelly!
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Interesting combo of flavors there.

Also, gotta love that chain-linked mike stand!
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nice yummy yum yum yum..
have a good day...........
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Here at what 1/4 of the way in...

lots of yummy yum yum juices...I had to taste em..wow wish you all were here...
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It does look like yer set for a finishing sauce eh?
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Lookin ta be fine vittles fer sure!
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