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Inspired pork loin

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The stuffed loin from the other day got me fired up! Looked sooo good I hadda try a little twist on stuffing myself. On the smoker now will update :{)

The Loin

Filet'd open salt and CBP installed.

Layer of spinach and baby asparagus

Toss on some Roma tomatoes, onions and garlic

Oh and why not some breadcrumbs with the fresh grated Fontinella cheese?

And TIE THAT MOTHER DOWN! Minimal stuffing escapage even! YAY!
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Oh My- Hmmm THAT looks good already!
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I'll be out your way today, maybe save me a slice! wink.gif
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Deal! ...you can get me a B-day snort a day early ;{) If you are...PM me and we'll trade cell #'s
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That looks great Rich. Looking forward to the results.
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Richtee you may need to change your handle to "al la gourmet RT". LOL. Looks great.
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Mmmmm, Rich, that looks amazing. Can't wait to see how it turns out for ya!
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Hey thanks for the pix of your loin wink.gif
I want some, can't wait to see it finished.
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Great looking for starters..can't wait for the finished product..God I love Q-VUESicon_smile.gif
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Jinx you owe me a Coke Richtee! biggrin.gif
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sure looks good-hmmm can't think of anything u mighta left out-tis now on My list!
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I can and just did... it's done- I took pix..but I gotta run. A white lemon-pepper bechamel sauce for the topping!


Thanks all! Be back later with pix!
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That be kickin'!

Man, the Food Network got NOTHING on this site. The real chefs live "HERE"!!!
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Thats just wrong RT, just wrong!
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darn rich, all io can say is you better not jip us on nfinals dude. that looks awesome and i know it is gonna be!!!
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Looks great Richtee....like the tomatoes and asparagus addition icon_smile.gif.
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Looks really good Richtee! I like the combination and look forward to the pix.
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Feel like I had the rug jerked out from under me Rich! Noticed the time of yer first post here, figgered by the time I got to the last post, I'd see some finished qview! confused.gif Patiently waiting, stomach growling.........
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Is it ready yet?
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