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Chicken Help

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I have a char broil electric smoker im gonna smoked a whole chicken do i place it on the top rack or the middle rack
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hey hand i would probably do the middle rack and just watch the temps everyone now says poultry is fine to pull at 165 deg...im old school and i like to take mine to 175-180 but if you do this u would be fine.....good luck and happy smoking
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Thax doc this is my first time smoking a whole chicken i soaked in a brine then put a chicken rub on the chicken i hope it turns out
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Anything else in there? Poultry must be placed on the lowest rack for health concerns. Keep yer temps up...better skin will result, and a safer smoke!
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Oh and stop by the Roll Call forum and give us an introduction..helps us help you if we know your equipment, experience...etc. Plus, it's just plain polite :{)
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But if theres nothing above it, the top rack would be hottest, correct???
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Depends kinda... mine tends to be hotter on the lower... Don't suppose he's checked out the temp differentials to know tho, eh?
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