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first time beef ribs

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had a question about beef ribs and their preperation. what's everyones opinion on seperating the ribs? do you put the rack on whole, or do you seperate the ribs, roll em in rub, then put em in the smoke.

Also, does 3-2-1 work with these guys?
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We keep the ribs together in a slab. Rub, slather w/ bbq sauce thruout smoke. Good luck.
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I just did some yesterday. I like them rare, medium rare, so I do whole. Since it is beef, depends how you like your meat.

You can see my post and QVIEWS here:

For me the 3 -2-1 wouldn't work but others may have a different opinion.

I like mine chewy like the cavemen ate theirs.icon_smile.gif

Hopes this helps, and good luck with yours.
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This is my style.....
Rub, leave uncut, and slow cook till meat is pulling back and fat has rendered off.

By imn88fan

On a large rack of bones, this may be 8 hrs, trust me it's worth it!

By imn88fan

I know some like to cook med rare but these do well on long smokes...renders out more fat and makes for a more tender rib!!

By imn88fan
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Nice, Bubba, I may have to try that. Change my ways from a griller, huh? Maybe next time, I still have 2 packages in the freezer. Always willing to learn something new.

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check out flash's post on his beef ribs. tried it this way last time and will use "mojo" from now on.
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Man I hate to agree with Bubba. By the way nice pics Bubba.

When I do beef ribs, I cook em low and slow. Real low and slow. And long. Lots of connective tissue that willl melt into yummy goodness if you gige it time.
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Everybodys gotta agree with me once in a while......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifbiggrin.gif
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LOL, got that right lawdog. Mojo is the ticket or your missing some real flavor. I have done beefies cut individually and as a rack. Most of the time as individual ribs, they are beef back ribs. No more than 4 to 4 1/2 hours for a nice medium to medium rare rib. Super PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Bubba, Sittin here tonight I decided to try your method the next time, they looked yummy. Don't know if I can spend 8 hours though. Can you wrap at a certain time? Like six and foil? I have to plan most things for the next days consumption as wifey goes to bed early and needs to eat early.

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Honestly don't know, always did em like this.
Couldn't hurt trying, might be floating in some fat when you open them up....
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Thanks Bubba, could I put them in a foiled pan on a rack and drain after the smoke?

I would think 4 -6 hours of smoke would give the flavor and the rest of the time for rendering the fat? What do you think? We are not talking about a lot of mass compared to a butt or brisket.
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Ron, you can foil them in the pan. Bubba does them alot longer than I think is needed, but everyone has different taste. You can always transfer them to the grate to firm them up alittle if that is what you want. I like medium to medium rare, so they never get more than 4 1/2 in the smoker.
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Ahh, that may be the trick,
thanks Flash.
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