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Beef Back Dino Ribs W/QVIEW

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Yesterday, I was trying to find some beef back ribs, and there were a lot on sale for .99. Yea, all bones NO MEAT, I'm not making soup damn it! Another ad caught my eye. "Harris Farms All Natural Beef Back Ribs $1.49". I thought well a name brand wiil probably have some meat, so I checked them out. NO MEAT EITHER!! They use a mechanical boning machine to scrape the meat between the bones. Then I remembered when I had a friend at Albertsons they would bone out a few ribeyes by hand and had plenty of meat on them and either took them home or gave them to favorite customers. My friend no longer works there but I thought what the heck I'll make a call. I got some butcher and asked if they had any in house beef ribs that were boned by them, and he said yes, I got 3 packages @ $1.49. I said I'll be right over. Here is what I got:

This one is for BBQBUBBA, price and all.icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

Rubbed with Yoshidas Terriyaki, Garlic Powder, and Lemon Pepper.

I pulled these off 2 hours later, rare and grilled on the Weber Gas grill, I had to get wifey fed, she goes to bed early for work.

Left them on for another hour, here they are finished. They turned out GREAT, plenty of meat!!

I didn't get quite the smoke flavor or smoke ring I wanted due to an experiment with lump charcoal. I got a piece that wouldn't seem to burn or smoke and jamed the chip loader and I couldn't add more chips.The lump wasn't big either, don't know what happened, or don't know what to expect with lump yet. Any ideas on lump would be appreciated. Does it smoke a lot compared to chips, mabe better for a long smoke?

EDITED to add, I used Best Of The West 100 % pure Mesquite Lump Charcoal, and mesquite and hickory chips.

================================================== ====
Just a bonus QVIEW, this was the last of the $1.00 a pound Pastrami I did a few weeks ago, that will be my next project, 2 more in fridge waiting. Maybe tomorrow. Toasted Rye with swiss, and Grey Poupon, Yummo!!

As always, thanks for watching, and good luck in your smoking.

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Nice Ron.............................
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Ron, those are the only beef ribs to get! I usually have to buy the whole rib eye and cut the ribs off myself. Of course, rib eye steaks are pretty darn good too!
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Nice score there ron! I've only done beef ribs once, but had to ascend to the top of my soapbox and proclaim they were the best tasting beef anything I have ever had!
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Great dinos!!
Hey that 'strami sammie looked really great!!
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looking good Ron!!
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Thanks guys!

That strami was awwwsome, especially for $1.00 a pound.icon_wink.gif

I have two more, maybe tonight.icon_idea.gif
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