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Fattie Virgin

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Below you will find pics of our first Fattie! I am actually new at the whole Smoker thing....
Question: I am having trouble getting my smoker (a stand-up barrel type with two levels and a water pan) to stay at the "Ideal" temperature according to the thermometer.... Any suggestions?
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start with checking you thermo against a digital or even another dial type... oh and welcome to the smf.
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oh ya.... in my opinion those thermos that say Ideal, hot, cool.... or whatever are junk... add another to your smoker...also your fattie looks great..
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My only suggestions, get a good digital thermometer with a probe to properly monitor smoker temps and internal meat temps.

And you might consider making some of the modifications to the smoker. I am having a dumb day, someone will be along shortly with a link to the mods you need to make. They are fairly simple and extremely effective.

Fattie looks awesome, love the pattern with the bacon
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I have probed the Fattie with a digi thermometer and it seems to be holding at 170+ degrees....

It has been cooking for about 3.75 hours so far.....
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