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New smoker

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After much help from you all an looking everywhere I have purchased a new smoker. Not a real big one but it really looks good. It is manufactured and sold by Horizon smokers in Oklahoma. I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago and looked at them. I sent the company an e mail and dealt directly with the company. Below is a link to there site. You can get as big a unit as desired.


I got the 20" classic with a few mods. It should be here the first of august.

Have any of you heard of this company? Check them out.

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Excellent smokers.....congrats!! wink.gif
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That's a really nice smoker!! Congrats!!
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Yep. Great smokers. 3 things Perry is known for (in no particular order):

Ditch Witch
Horizon Smokers
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Great lookin smoker. Dont forget the Q views when ya get her seasoned
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Thanks everyone for the backup, sounds like I got a good one. I will get Q pictures as soon as I get her fired up.

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I have the 16". It is not a fire and forget but you will enjoy.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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