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Just returned from a trip to grocery doing exactly this and got the 'We don't need that you already have 6 of them in the freezer' speech from the wife.....

to which I replied that this is "Tennessee Pride brand sausage they had on sale today, it is even better than the Meijer brand sausage in the freezer that was on sale last month!!"

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My Man, that's a self inflicted wound! I hope I helped in convincing you to pull the trigger!
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There is NO know cure for this illness. So keep on smoking.
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As I've said before: sanity is overrated, or so THEY say. (Not sure if THEY are inside voices or outside voices....)

Yeah... about that... chihuahua and mesquite are not the pair you would expect them to be. Go figure....
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Yes I am sick.......and I hope I never get well.biggrin.gif
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ah yes much like marshmellows and tequila, they don't play well either..its fun for awhile till..someone puts an eye out....
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Friends; my name is Richard and I'm a smoke-food-addict and thanks for having me at this meeting. I really appreciated the "Intervention" and the support I've gotten lately? Ha Ha Ha. I'm Hooked bad; and I'm a Red Meat Survivor also. Semper Fi and Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO.
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I am glad that we could be of help to you have reached the stage of addiction that we are all
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You know it's bad when you start watching every yard you drive by for a propane tank that isn't in use and thinking about the suitability of every metal container or pressure vessel you see as a smoker. I had to rent a chainsaw and rotary hammer the other day and really wanted to take the flammable liquids cabinet at the rental shop home with me. 4 feet wide, 3 feet tall and about 18 inches deep. Some legs, vents, casters, a couple of propane burners and a chimney....... GOSM from he11.
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Yup it's an illness. Unfortunately for me my wife has not caught the illness and after my first few smokes (last year) announced she doesn't like smoked foods.

I promptly told her I was glad to hear that so I would have more meat for me :)
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