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where to find cooking and charcoal grates?

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Ok, I found a decent horizontal smoker in my area that i'm thinking of picking up. However, I need some cooking and charcoal grates. I went to the manufacturer's website and it would cost me like $100 for all new grates. That's not gonna happen. I've seen everyone using that diamond mess metal for grates in everythiong from UDS to propane smokers. Where can I find this stuff? I've looked in Home Depot and Menards and couldn't find it. How much does it usually cost?
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Menard's by me (Grayslake, Il.) has an assortment of grates. Not sure what the sizes are.

I got my expanded metal from a steel co., But I know the Lowes by me had it. Can't remember what I paid for it or how much it was at Lowes. Just make sure that you do not get galvanized or zinc coated expanded metal.
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we call it expanded metal, can get at any steel distributor, comes in 4 x 8 pieces but most will shear exact size you want. is avail in a variety of sizes. hope this helps
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I hear ya bout the toxic coatings.

I've been going during my lunch hour and trying to find it by myself. I guess next time I go in i'll ask someone for it. I'm in the naperville, il area. I'll only buy the horizontal smoker if I can get the grates at a decent price.
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Replacement grates are expensive!! I wanted to replace my GOSM grates because they were old and stained. Then I saw what they cost. No thanks, I'll just clean mine better!

Here's one link I bookmarked:

Good luck and Happy Smokin'
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Do you know about how much it costs?
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Do you have a steel supply company close to where you live? If not, give me the diminsions of what the size you would need and I'll call the one in Waukegan. I know if they cut it, they charge extra.
Steel is expensive right now..
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Yes, there is one in Melrose Park, Ill. Forget the name of it. I'm trying to google it now.

I don't know the sizes yet. My neighbor has the identical smoker so I can get the dimensions from him later.
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Give them a call. I'm not familiar with that smoker and someone else may be able to confirm, but you may want to get the grates in two pieces if you are using expanded metal. I know years ago when I had one it was sort of difficult to get a one piece expanded metal grate in the one I had.

Will be back later... I'm firing up my UDS for some bbq chicken this afternoon. I'm in between rain storms right now... I think.
Good luck.
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Thanks! It's actually a charbroil Silver Smoker. So it does have 4 grates in the main chamber and I think just one in the side firebox.
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