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Got me 6 pounds of ground turkey, gonna blend it up with 2 pounds of JD and have a practice session for the fatty throwdown!
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I have about 6 split breasts brining in a lemon, kiwi mint..brine and I am also doing a roasted pepper blackberry brisket this weekend. I found a beautiful 13 lbr...this will all happen starting Sat night after, front row center TOBY KEITH concert!!
Q-VUE to follow....biggrin.gif
Happy Yummy smokes to all this weekend, may the Gods of smoke bless us all with good weather, great friends and cold beer for those all night smokes!! biggrin.gif
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Gotta 12# packer on this afternoon. Plannin to smoke late into the night. Gotta feelin that it may hit the oven in a few more hours cause I need to hit the sheets.

Did brisket and ribs for a forth of July get together. Wifey loved it so much that she bought another and FORCED me to do it again! She is so mean to me.
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Found out last evening that Mom and mom in law are comming over on Saturday for a get together , told them it would be burgers and dogs , bring the sides PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
Hope to make some thing a little better than that wink.gif
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Just finished the mods to my generic charcoal bullet last night, so I'm thinking I'll break it in with this 3lb. rope of hot italian sausage my mom gave me.

My boys (7 and 8) want to roll some fatties like their big sister. So when mom leaves for a bridal shower, I think we're gonna go big!
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Sounds like she already got it Glen... OOPS Oh, wait...I meant a good cooking husband!
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Sounds like a great weekend Kelly! Have seen Toby 4 times now, the last time in Baghdad, just the man and his guitar! Awesome!!!
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I have 2 corned beef rounds to do, the $1.00 a pound ones I found a few weeks ago. My pastrami stash is all gone so its on the list of things to do.
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Smoked up some garlic and provolone sausage today to go in a stuffed pork loin tomorrow or Sunday icon_smile.gif.

Planning to stuff with spinach, garlic, peppers, onions, Cheese (ricotta, mozzarella and provolone), pineapple and sausage. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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you saw TK on one of his USO tours?
can I say it again?? OMG!!! he has some guns on him,baby...oh la la!!the part of why I love T.K. so much is because of the whole uso thing..I brought some d.c cd's to his concert once for him to bet he did!!
If I get some good pix I will post them..on Sat night late..Awesome you will be there with me..!
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You bet I did! Was in late May of 2006. Funny thing, When I was in Afghanistan, he was in Kabul at Camp Phoenix playin for his Okl. National Guard buddies. Bad thing for me, I had a road mission that day and had to drive by the front gate of the camp at the time he was performing. PDT_Armataz_01_17.gif
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