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Whatcha cookin' 7/12 -7/13

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I used to ask every Friday and kind of got out of the habit.

What do you have on the agenda for this weekend?

I have a lot going on this weekend so probably won't get anything on that takes too long.

Hoping to get to

Frog Legs
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Hmmmm, I can't think of anything to smoke.

Your list sounds good Joe. If I leave this afternoon, I might make it to your place in time to try some of those frog legs.biggrin.gif
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Take your time, I probably won't get to them until Sunday. biggrin.gif
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I dunno Joe but I just pulled 8 Lbs of pork loin out. That stuffed one earlier this week...might make a run at that. Sunday is the birthday- loin is too boring. I might just go Jap hunting..see if any worth it are in yet. And I'll prolly go ribs. I Do be liking my ribs!
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Still a rookie here but planning on doing my first pork butt and very excited about it. Will toss on some ABTs too if I can find good peppers.
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I've got a big smoke, well big for me anyways, this weekend.
Pork tenderloin, maybe 2 or even 3 of them.
Chicken thighs.
and a fatty with my home made Italian sausage.
All 3 of which will be the first time for me.

The frog legs sounds great, let us know how those turn out.
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I have to go to a kids birthday party Sunday which completely blows my smoking day, but Saturday I'm going to try to get a stuffed pork loin on, some kielbasa for my dad and a breakfast Fatty for Sunday Morning after church.
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chicken 1/4's on the drum (gotta do it for a group next thurs)

maybe a shoulder clod if I get ambitious, Rich's thread inspired me as other threads have (Capt Dan way back I think) -- also the wife likes beef now not pork - she's pregnant and she gets whatever she wants.
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I've gotta alot going on this weekend also. So I'm thinking it's going a couple steaks on the grill
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Kinda depends on how we feel when we get home, but I kinda wanted to try a seared-brisket and run a little experiment with ABTs...

In the one thread, it was mentioned that alcohol would help get rid of the hot oils, so I wanted to try soaking some in tequila, some in milk, and some plain.

I may use the "hot" tequila afterwards in a marinade or sauce for some ribs if I have the energy.

Been a long week though with way too little sleep, so will have to see...

Whatever we do, if there's smoke involved, there should be some Q-View up...

And whatever y'all do, have fun and be safe!


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I am thinking for my birthday on Saturday, either ribs or prime rib. Tough call. Might just grill a couple of rib eyes though. Unless someone else has a better idea.
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Nothing but cigs this weekend. icon_evil.gif
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ribs tomorrow

and i'll be trying my first fatty sunday

wish me luck
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a couple of fatties on sat and porkk ribs on sun if plan stays togather
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got some friends coming over for some Beer Butt Chicken... seems like the only thing I cant screw up...plus thats what they requested.cool.gif
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I got some smoking to do I got 3 pork butts a fatty and a few ABT's for Sat and Ribs on Sunday biggrin.gif
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I'm either going to smoke a 5lb. fatty or 2 2-1/2lb. fatties, can't decide yet. and maybe a pork shoulder roast
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I'll be smoking 9 racks of Baby Backs, about 2 dozen ABT's, my first fatty and some of Dutch's Beans. There will also be some tater salad, corn bread, BEER and a lemon and blueberry pie, that my wife makes. Hope it don't rain.
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Nothing this weekend, hitting the road early to visit with family and friends. Packing some pulled pork stuffed pita bread for picnic.

Blackberries have been excellent down South this year - gonna be a jelly-makin' Sunday.

Y'all have a great weekend! We're back to smokin' next weekend...
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Yer not alone!biggrin.gif I was thinking this same thing, then I saw yer post. Will make up for it next week, as we got a group getting together, so I'm looking at some pulled pork, and possible a fatty and pig candy
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