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LOL... I tried to find an icon of one, but none ta be found there...

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I don't think anyone is knocking your efforts. Nobody gets banned for doing good. I for one applaud you for taking the initiative to start it. This is exactly what the forum needs, and has been needing for some time.

I hope the lot of ya all end in a dead tie and everyone gets to have the Fatty Badge of Honor.

I still say you'd be perfect for the Events position. You have the drive and backing to do it ... and the 'want to' to see it through.

Keep up the good work BBQGodess AND good luck to all who enter.
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You expressed yourself very well, and I think for the majority of members we agree.
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Well we may not be going out of town after all. Chad needs to break in the new smoker so I may be doing a fattie this weekend after all.
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Start time

Hey Goddess,
R we startin tommorow(fri.),or on sat?...As u know......HELL YEAH I AM wife is even throwin ideas at me........lookin forward to all the great fatties comin down for this thing
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Not yet grasshopper!

OK, so you propose a throwdown? I have seen what you can do, and I know it is amazing, so from the NW, where we just had about ten whole freaking days of sunlight before it clouded up again, I say, have at it with the rest of the folks coming here! As an amateur ECB smoker, I can admit that I can't even compete. What a great idea BBQGoddess! I hope you have great success and hope there is a thread here with all the results and some q-view. Good luck to all the competitors!
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The thread goes up Friday am, you can start whenever you would like on Friday!
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Come on my wisdom buddy! You got it in there! that is kind strange weather for you all right? lOL! what you can't smoke unless it's raining? LOL!! Seriously it's a friendly neighbor hood q-vue, come and play!! Perhaps you get your better half to play too and by more time on the forum?? a little deposit to the marriage bank, a llittle withdrawal....PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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OK. BBQGodess, I have to admit, you are a formidable opponent and I am not one who is much for competition anyhow. I have been truly impressed with your smokes and rubs and q-view since I joined, and I mean it--such terrific creativity! Still, if time is on my side, I will do a fatty for the first time on Saturday, even if it does not make your competition. Somehow, I suspect you will win. I will be here looking for the q-view. Again, good luck!

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Pac, its not about winnin or losin(in my mind) it is about all the wonderful new concotions we are gonna see(w/q-view) and great Ideas we are gonna get from this throwdown......So come on man get in here and do it. Lets have some fun and throw down some FATTIES!!!!!!!!!! I tend to drink to much...MY wife says)
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Ok then. I am all about "throwin' down a fatty." I may miss the competition, but that doesn't mean I won't be here drooling over the q-view or posting my own when I do my first fattie this weekend (please no jokes about doing my first fattie!).
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To make the comp all ya got to do is have the final posted by 2 pm pst on Sunday...List the ingredients on the entry thread thats it!
Your first fattie could be a winner...
here is the thread with the guide lines...its just for ****es and giggles...
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I know I talk to much,....But I love it here and u have created a monster with this throw down....PROPS........PROPS........PROPS......ALL HAIL THE says I drink too much.....makes me chatty)!!!!!!!....Beer is empty
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I won't be participating but I have an idea but wiffey doesn't like an ingredient. So if you are reaching for an Idea give me a pm. First one gets it.
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I second and THIRD that!!! What a great way to fuel the camaraderie of the Forum! This is going to be a kickin-fun event!! biggrin.gif
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