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Fatty Throwdown?? - Page 2

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I'd love to be in it but still cant get them to roll good enough. But good luck to those who enter

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The 19th count me in. To me will not be about winning but about how many different types will see. Almost like a smoke day.
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Sweet idea! Been waiting for this to happen, was near launching the throwdown myself. What a great reason to get some fatty practice in this weekend!
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Fattie throwdown ~

Here we go, rules simple like Laurel stated, Q-VUE required, and the competition weekend will be next weekend so everyone can prepare and last thing is you gotta list the ingredients!!

As far as what qualifies as a FATTIE? I think if you can roll it up and it stays rolled its a fattie.
Minor blowouts are allowed major blow up don't count! (major blow ups = tossing it into foil to finish cooking the pieces)
With that said anything goes!!

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As the kids say: "I'm down wid it."

Bring it on!
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How will it be judged? By poll or by The Mod Squad?
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What does everyone want? poll or the mod squad? I doesn't matter to me either way...however it has been sticky in here of late and I do not know what is "politically correct"
I feel we are all adults its for fun we should all be able to vote on a single thread and it be fine...
what are everyone else's thoughts?
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I say let The Mod Squad come to the Res Q.
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I can take a pretty good beating, so I'm OK with a poll.
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Poll is my 'vote', Kelly. The mods are busy enough taking care of things. :) Agree we are adults all will be fine.
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Count me in! I have a garden that is ripe for the pickin' This is a great site and I am honored to be accepted and allowed to participate in it.
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A poll would be fairest way depending how it is setup.
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I think ya'll should do the poll - poor Monty might not be back in time to vote (puter problems ya know). If there is a tie maybe the mod's super secret votes will break the tie???

Nice thread BBQGoddes - Ever think about an Events gig with the forum??
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mick, hea man get in on it!!! there are gonna be no losers in this deal. i can guarantee there gonna be some fatties unlike seen before. i missed out on all the posts today but see it has gotten some action rolling now compared to early on!!!! as far as rules seems like no holes barred!!! goddess i know u gonna pm me and let me know what u gonna be creating right LOL. judging dont matter to me whatever is decided fine with me. the PHATY PHENOMENOM is here!!!!! one entry per person i take it, should we be shooting for a standard size or that dont matter. this is gonna be so cool, hope to see as many take part in this as possible. again this is going to benifet everyone with fresh ideas and were really gonna see what the possibilities are!!! way ta go kelly-this gonna be great great fun!!!
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poll sounds good to me too. cant wait "ARE YOU READY FOR A THROWDOWN?!"
I am... hehehehehe
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Size doesn't matter!!
also you can do as many as you want!!
minis' reg size...ginormous....its all allowed....I can't wait!!
and btw erain, nope I am not pm'ing you my top secret stuff!! :)
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sheesh, u getting battle hardened already goddess!!!
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Seems I recall using about a tablespoon per fatty- maybe 1.5 lbs meat. Mixed it well into the ground meat before rolling. Actually..I ground the meat myself and added during grinding...hmm...

Perhaps you should dissolve it in as little water as ya can and try it that way. Not sure how well it would disperse thru the ground meat dry. Well, let us know how it works out eh?
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Ohhh! With REAL White Castles?!?! :{)
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Since this weekend is shot for me as far as smoking goes, I'll see if I can't wrangle next Saturday off to participate.....this looks like it's gonna be a BLAST!...(specially if ya poke yer fatty at the wrong time)....LOL

Great idea BBQG......and you better bring your A-game.....there's some culinary geniuses 'round these forums.....wink.gif

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