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GOSM Co Update

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Not sure if they are totaly closed up. I see Walmart has the wide-body back in stock again. I also decided to risk ordering a couple spare parts on line w/ the CFM customer care center and they took about 3 weeks to get them to me. Thought it might be the time to get the extra shelf and couple other spares just incase.
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If they would have smoked some meat outside in one of the smokers and gave out samples at lunchtime on Saturday, the things would have flown off the shelves. Too bad.
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I ordered a part from CFM for my unit too, The web site said it takes 15-20 days to receive. I called them after 10 days cause I hadn't heard anything. their costumer service was lacking greatly, but I did get my product 4 days later (yesterday to be exact). it shipped out of Indiana I believe.
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When I would stop at Gander Mountain to look at what was new I spent hours selling the GOSM smokers. Got so my wife wouldn't go in the store cause once I got to the smokers there was no getting out. Floor manager asked if I would school his help on the smokers so they could help there customers. My best day was I talked 3 people into a GOSM Big Blocks and one of them was at the counter buying the smaller version. For $20 more he could get the Big Block. Sales person wasn't to happy they had to take it back and bring another out. lol
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Can someone give me the link to customer service? I just picked up a GOSM second hand and would like to order some shelves.


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Here ya go
1-800-668-5323 8-5 EST.
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Thanks Rich.

WOW! Cooking grids - $7.35 for 4, shipping $15. I guess I'll find an old shopping cart and make my own.
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