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Okie From Muskogee Missing good BBQ in PA.

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I just wonted to say Howdy!!! I grew up in Oklahoma and love good Q. I moved here almost 7 years ago and have yet to find good Q here. So what did I do. I made a smoker! It took 3 years but it was done last Saturday! (well 98% done Still have some tweaking to do) Smoked my first rack of ribs Sunday. There was a little to much smoke Need to make int intake holes on the fire box bigger. But any way Ill be doing a brisket Sunday we will see how it turns out.
here is some pic's of smoker
Attachment 10571
Attachment 10572
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the world of smoke...Fuel...Fire...Smoke....Meat the only things nedded for good eats....smoke on!!!!!
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Welcome to the SMF, Aaron. Many of us ended up here in pursuit of that Que experience from our distant past so we had to learn to make our own. The SMF will have you up and running quickly. (assuming you are a noob - if not I apologize)
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She is beautiful! job well done!!
I will be sending great juju to your brisket this weekend. Try the smokeyokie sear method...it really is the greatest way to cook a brisket..IMHO...YUM!!
I will look forward to your Q-VUE!!
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Glad to have with us at the SMF. Nice lookin' smoker you've got going.
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Welcome, and good luck on your smokes!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. Nice looking smoker. What is her name?biggrin.gif
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welcome to the forum!!! cant wait to see qview of that smoker loaded down and smokin!!!!
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Welcome to the family. Look forward to your q-view in that new rig.
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I started smoking my last year befor I left Oklahoma and never was that great with the result (it was good but not great) It is now time for me to step it up some.

Thank you all for welcoming me to the SMF forum
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I was gowning to try that but I bought a 6 lb flat cut it was all I could find I will try again tonight at a different store.
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Welcome, Aaron85!

I grew up in NE PA and didn't know about Q (we used to call sloppy joes "barbeque"--sad, I know). I'm counting on you to spread the Q gospel back home (so there's something there when I visit my folks). This is the place to learn, a Q seminary, of sorts.

One drawback to this site is finding new hobbies to support the Q habit. After seeing your pics, I have to learn to weld....
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Buck I will do what I can!!!! This was my first time using a Arc welder I grew up using a MIG welder. Also I do have another hobby you can see it a video here Still trying to figure out how to combine the 2.
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Hi Aaron, Welcome to the forum and glad your here. I checked out your other hobby....awesome dude!!!biggrin.gif
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Aaron, welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you with us. Hang out in the forums and read the different tips and tricks that others have learned and shared; expeirment with what you learn here and you will soon be amazing your family and friends with some awesome que!

Nice smoker you built there, I'm like Buck-I have a hankering to learn to weld. Now that I have an unused 220 line at my house, my son has offered to bring his mig welder and plasma cutter over and teach me. Now whenever I see a steel tank when I'm out and about, I run ideas through my head on how I can turn it into a smoker.

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Keith thank you. I'm thinking this would be great smoking a brisket and also getting work done on my display at the same time. We will see how that goes.

Dutch welding isnt that hard if you take you're time. I have about 50.00 in that smoker! (Thanks to my FIL) The day I was bringing it out of the shop and was about to paint it I had someone ask If I would make him one. LOL I told him I would think about it. BTW After reading you're post on you're Beens I went out and got everything for them at lunch today gonna try them Sunday.. Also found a good looking Brisket 12 pounder going to try to sear it also. I was surprised I could fit everything into my office Fridge.
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Welcome to the site.......Damn nice rig you made there...........
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Welcome Aaron. Nice labor of love.
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Welcome to SMF, and what a nice heavy duty smoker,
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