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Smokin in Chi-town (that's Chicago BTW)

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Alright, so I suppose after lurking for a while it's about time for an introduction (plus it doesn't hurt I have some time to kill at work, haha). So here are the vitals:

Gear: Char Griller Smokin Pro with the firebox (no mods....yet)
Experience: Still learnin. I've done a fair amount of grilling and cooking before, but I just picked up this smoker when it was on sale at Menards a month or so ago. One smoke and now I'm hooked. I've got a few under my belt so far...hopefully many more to come.

Well I guess that's all I can come up with for now.
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Welcome to the forum!! Spent 20 years in that part of the world.
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Welcome aboard, this is the place to be.
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Well, what can I say. Sounds like your hooked just like the rest of us. Guess we'll being seeing more of you in the future I'm sure. I am sure someone else will say it too, but we like qview.
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Hmm Chicago...seems I have heard of that toodlin' town?

Heh...Welcome to SMF from the "Little D" <So as not to offend the Texans>. Or, what USED to be the Motor City. Sigh. Anyway enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to SMF! If you haven't done so yet, check out Jeff's free 5-day ecourse. It's a great way to pick up basic smoking skills.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF. Glad to hear another former lurker is now onboard.
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Welcome aboard..Great people and great advice...Lurkers beware you can only look for so long.......And another one bites the dust...come on inwink.gif
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Hey - Welcome to the SMF from Northern Indiana.
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Welcome to the SMF...
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What part of ChiTown you hail?

(send PM if more appropriate)
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Welcome from So Cal!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. By the way, I was in Chi'town last month for the blues festival. I don't remember seeing you!!biggrin.gif
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Glad you gave up lurkin' and joined us at the SMF. Looking forward to your next smoke!
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Welcome also. I'm from the west side. Great food in Chi Town. That's what got me in the business to begin with. Ever been to Stump's Pub On Harlem ave?

Give us some QVIEW.

Good luck!!
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Welcome aboard!
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Well thank you all for the warm welcome. Yes, another lurker bites the dust. I've been mighty tempted on my last smoke to actually take some pictures, but I was a little too eager to eat as well. haha. There wound up not really being anything worthy of showing off. But assuming the weather cooperates this weekend, I do plan to do another one, and hopefully I'll remember to take some pics.

Western burbs

You don't? I totally saw you there. You were the guy by the stage right? haha
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Welcome from South East PA
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Welcome ChiBBQ.
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Welcome to the site........Glad you stopped lurking.......
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