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Monty's got 'puter issues

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Hey folks, Monty has asked that I let you all know that he'll be away from the forum for a bit. He has been having major computer issues that prevent him from being on for any length of time. Monty is in the process of getting a new computer system.

In the mean time, PM Ron50 or me if you have any SMF questions, problems or concerns.

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You sure are good to us Paw Paw Dutch. Will you cook dinner for us on the smoker tonight?

Hurry back Monty!
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What HE SAID /\ !
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Thanks for the update!
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Ain't gonna happen for a while yet-Ma Dutch has got me and the boys laying tile and new flooring in the kitchen. I got to get'er done cuz I got butts to smoke for Sunday's supper. Couple of the kids want pulled pork sammies for their birthday supper and Ma told 'em that it wouldn't be a problem!! Hopefully we'll get the job done tonight except for the trim work and we can tackle that next week.biggrin.gif
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Monty would do it if he was here icon_evil.gifbiggrin.gif
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Yeah, but then Monty don't got no Missus to boss him around. . .er I mean to give him proper guidance.
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PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Too true
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