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Temp Control

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My temp is hard to maintain on the hot end of the scale. I have a smoke N Pit and like it, but from what I read it may need tighting up and maybe a fuel besides charcoal. Any thoughts?

Thanks Charlie
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I'm not sure I understand your problem... "My temp is hard to maintain on the hot end of the scale"

You mean you can't get it up to 250-ish...or can't keep it down there?

Also, there is a hunk of metal that needs removing when you install the firebox on some models... you do have an open path from firebox to smoker, right?
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add some thermal mass

What you could try to add thermal mass to your smoker is to add fire brick, pottery or a tin of sand to the cooking chamber. This will even out fluctuations you are experiencing.

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Have you done any of the standard horizontal/offset mods? Replace thermometer, stack extension, charcoal basket, baffle, tuning plates? Not so sure you need to seal it up but I suppose you can if you want.

As far as another fuel, I converted mine to propane but it certainly isn't requried. I did it for convenience and because I can't get decent lump in my area.

Give us a little more info and we can help you out a lot more. biggrin.gif

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