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Fatty assist

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Was just reading a thread by Mr. Porky, where he encountered minor technical difficulties with his first fatty.

When we started stuffing fatties, we weren't sure they would hold together - AKA leak and fall apart - so instead of using just foil or a pan, I dug out the small racks from old toaster ovens... they hold the fatty up out of the juice that may be produced, keep the juice/grease contained for east clean up and allow smoke to get all around the fatty.

This is one of the racks

Here it is in a pan:

And this is another small rack I found, (sorry for the fuzzy pic)

This same rack also works good for butts, chucks, anything else you smoke in a pan and want to keep the meat out of the juices.
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that's a nice little setup, but I'll be honest, I think a fatty is better served cooked over the heat source, like in a drum. The flavor is so much better when the juices are allowed to burn.
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