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Welcome. It's a great place!
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What he said.
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welcome. we all need support in some form or another
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Welcome Trina, I also gotta show my wifey this thread. She says I'm obsessed. We saw a big smoker on a trailer the other day and she aksed how long before I wanted one like that??..Tomorrow LOL..Again welcome alot of good people and advice around herewink.gif
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I speak for both Jestina and myself, we support you whole heartedly.
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Thanks for the welcome everyone.

My husband and I seem to feed off each others obsessions. We both seem to have OCD lol
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I think that's nice, you 2 being members on here. My wife gives me a bad time when I log on here all the time. But, she is always right there looking over my shoulder to see all the q-view!
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Welcome to the Smf family. It's a great place. Enjoy it. Wtg on all the support for the hubby. Remember, we are all here to also support both of you.
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There are a couple of husband/wife teams here at SMF, it's nice to add Chris and Tina to the group. Welcome to SMF to both of you!

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