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Texas wife supporting my man

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My name is Trina and I am the wife of Chad (CBucher). I wanted to log in and get involved and support Chad in his (new) hobby. Its not really new, he has been smoking for a long time, he has just become passionate about it again. I will leave the smoking up to him but will support with with the additional complimentary dishes.

We have four children, 20 (son), 15 (daughter), 14 (dog) and 14 (cat).

Look forward to enjoying some great food.
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Glad to have U aboard, Did U and Hubby sign up for Jeff's 5 Day E-Mail Course and Sauce & Rub? the sauce and rub pay for the site and you can adjust it to your liking.
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Yes, Chad signed up and we have already use the rub recipe. Turned out great. Thanks for the welcome
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welcome aboard Trina and Chad glad u found SMF-alot of good folks and advice in here.
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Hi Trina,
Its awesome that you have joined also, Happy Smokes!
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Very cool! Welcome to SMF! And there's some really cool side dishes around here :{) Enjoy and keep the boy in line!
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Welcome .............

How Cool! Keep trying to get my wife interested in smoking! (although she is very fond of the finished product so there is hope!)
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Welcome to the smf..............Glad to have you and hubby here.............Great to see both of you joining us here.............
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome aboard!!
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Welcome you 2 to the SMF family as my wife calls this forum. This forum has brought back my urge to smoke again. Just wish my wife took more of interest in making the product as to giving me orders on what to make for her. lol
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thanks i dont get any support????.............oh well have fun on here
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Welcome to SMF! My better half enables my smoking meat addiction. It's great to see you here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome :)
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Welcome to the SMF!! Is this the first time a husband and wife joined ??
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Hello Trina, nice to have you as part of the family team here at the SMF.
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Very cool. Gotta show the wife this thread. Welcome to the SMF.
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Very Cool!

Welcome to the SMF family. Try to remember to take some pics of you and your husbands finished dishes and post them for all of us to see. We love qview!
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Hey! Good to see you both here! My hubby doesn't do the forum thing much, he lets me keep up with this part of our hobby... but he surely enjoys the fun in smokin' and the food that comes from it all.
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She'll support you too, you know how she is,LOL.
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