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spare ribs

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I am about ready to start my first rack of ribs. I plan on going 3-2-1. They are spare ribs. So I will rub them and lay them bone side down? I bought them at Costco and was told the fell was already removed. Any other trimming necessary? Any quick help would be appreciated.

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Unless you want to trim em St Louis style, sounds like your good to go! wink.gif
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Good luck on your first rib smoke, try to include some Q View on completion of that smoke.
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Mmmm ribs! Yep...bone side down. Let 'em go a while before DID make a mop sauce, right?
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I guess I had planned to go Memphis style without mopping and just have sauce available. What do you think? Do I need to mop to keep from drying out? I am going 3-2-1.
2nd issue. Being my first rib smoke, I didn't know what I had bought. I had 2 full racks, out of concern of fitting everything, I cut each rack in half and now have 4 1/2 racks in a rib rack. I hope that's cool.

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I personally prefer to spritz the ribs to help keep em moist......ya, Rich, I know..."spritz" is such an UN-manly word....LOL

If you're smoking full spares, definitely go 3-2-1....and cutting them in half to fit your smoker should have very little effect....if any.

Hope they turn out great for you, Doug!....and don't forget the qview!!

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I find spritzing or mopping ribs is fairly pointless....
Your gonna braise for 2 hrs in liquid anyways. biggrin.gif
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added time

Say guys, since I didn't trim will I be looking at a longer smoke? I would really like to stay with the 3-2-1 if at all possible. By the way I did find that youtube video on trimming spares after I had already started my smoke. Awesome! What do you think about some minor trimming when I foil at the 2 step?

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Dont worry about the trimming now. 3-2-1 on full rack will turn out some great bones.

Have Fun

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Question: I still have an hour to go on my "2" stage and I'm at 169. Jeff says 172 for a target temp. What should I do if I get to 172 before I'm even done with this stage.

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You could check them at that point... see what they look like... if you've got the visible 1/4" bone sticking out, take them out for the 1 part - and do that for 30-40 minutes - time is a guideline, not a set in stone rule.

You're doing fine!
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That's why my ribs have the nice bark, Bubba ;{)
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Yep look for the bone and experience will allow you to feel the "bend". Temp taking in ribs is rarely accurate. Too thin and too much bone. I don't even try it.
post #14 of 14 and Bubba need to play nice! hehehehe
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