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Remove membrane after smoking?

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I have always had trouble removing the membrane from my spares. Usually have to fight it little pieces at a time. Someone suggested that if you do it after somoking them it peels right off. Anyone tried this?
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Never peeled it after a smoke, seems like it might have an effect o rib bone pull out and flavor penetration, whether it be smoke or rub or sauce.
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I think it just kinda crumbles if you try afterwards.
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If cooked right, theyr'e shouldn't be much membrane left to pull....
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If you can get a little bit started, use a bit of a papertowel to grip the slippery stuff. It should pull a lot easier!
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Sometimes it comes off for me in strips, other times I get the whole thing at once...

I have a small pair of needle-nosed pliers reserved for pulling rib membranes off... cool.gif Just another q-tool.
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Yep , ppr towels and a butter knife , or spoon to get things started and help around the stickey spots , It's easier if you trim the spares first ,but either way I like to get that membrane off before I cook 'em icon_smile.gif

Ps. There are two ' ish membranes wink.gif The top one should come off in one piece or close to it , looks like a solid peice of film over the bones. Some butchers do remove it before packaging biggrin.gif , the second one ( usually comes off in pieces ) does not need to be removed as it just cooks away to nothing biggrin.gif

About 4:45 into this vid showes membrane removal . You do not need to cut them up if you don't want to , just showing how the membrane should come off. Hope this helps icon_smile.gif
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Get a pair of the catfish skinning pliers.
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