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Nope... no drum yet. No big deal tho. Funds and jobs are a bit low... usually a slow time for me, but it's pretty rough now... sheesh.
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oops replied to the wrong post heh! The clod is up around the shoulder neck region. I have another that is 12.4 lbs. Evidently Kroger gets them on ocassion. You can also ask your butcher.
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I do them quite a bit. I love them. They are about 20-26 lbs and boneless. I usually cut them in half and inject/rub/and rest overnight. Ten smoke the next day for 12-14 hrs till they get to 200-205. I usually wrap them in foil at 175. They will pull nicely if you rest then after the smoke for 2hrs. I have tried the slicing too, It's ...ok, but not as good as the pulled beef in my opinion.

Looking forward to the results rich. keep us informed!biggrin.gif
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Looks yummy!

I have never seen that piece of beef before in my life!
I would love to try one of those....
Hey anyone on the west coast know if we have another name for it out here????
thx BBQG
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Almost finished!

The sliced medium rare beef. The $120 Weston Slicer is cool! But 20 min. to clean it- sigh.

The hunk that went back to the smoker, now in the oven to 200-ish- and the side for the French Dips.

The French Dips, with provolone and toasted grecian rolls

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Now that looks good Rich....and i thought you never actually cooked! cool.gif
Slicers are great but definetly a PIA to clean.
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You're my hero Richtee!!
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Those sammi's look really good Rich, great job. Looking forward to the pull later.
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The end...mostly

I split the meat in half for the oven. About a cup and a half of juice there for a nice finishing sauce for the pulled beef sammies.

Ouch..still too hot to pull, but it's breaking up nicely. Good bark and nice smoke ring as well, for what that's worth ;{)

Thanks for looking!
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Great looking chunk o beef you got there Rich. It all looks fantasticPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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For me I liked the looks of the sliced better, yum medium rare. Thanks for the QVIEW RichTee!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice.........I'll take a pile of sliced to go, please. biggrin.gif
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Great job Richtee, and I'll also have pile of sliced.
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looks great, those slided sammys look goood
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Nice, Rich.
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very good looking work der my friend. matches the provolove very well...
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So that's how it's done. Man that looks good Richtee. I need to go eat now. biggrin.gif
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