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Beef Shoulder Clod

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Just to prove it DID happen...errr..is happening... heh!

An 11.5 Lb beef shoulder clod- decent price!

You can click on pix for a full sized shot :{)

A "body shot". Nice marbling and fat cap.

The shoulder all rubbed and wrapped. Notice the similarities between the Smitty's packages going out today and the rub color...:{)

Sittin' in the Thin Blue for a good long while I'll wager yet! Hickory is the choice of the day

At right around a good temp!

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What temp are you going to call it done? Slicing........pulling........what?
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MMMMMmmm , BEEF icon_smile.gif It's what's for dinner PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Lookin' good Richtee .

Those warnings ( skull and bones ) on that rub makes me think I may wanna try some whenever the next go 'round is for it cool.gif
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Dunno Joe... I guess I got a few hours to decide that! What would be your call? Clod to me seems like a pull thing, but? Whaddia think folks?
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I'd imagine in the Fall... I'll make an announcement!
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I saw one cooked on TV once. They sliced it... had my mouth watering! Probably be good pulled too... Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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I don't know, I was kind of looking to learn something instead of just running my mouth like I know everything. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif Mostly just curious what you had in mind. Figured an 11.5 lb chunk o beef had to have a predetermined fate. LOL

I suppose if I was doing it, I would stop around a nice med. rare and slice thin for sandwiches or something.............then I would complain that I should have taking up into the pulling range.........never happy.
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Well how's this? With 11.5 lbs to play with... maybe I'll whack off a few lb hunk for some medium rare sandwich fodder, and let the balance go to pull? :{)
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Sounds like the best of both worlds!icon_smile.gif
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Pick one way or the other...........then just do another one tomorrow. LOL
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Funny you should mention that. I DO have another one in the freezer!

Also, I forgot to post my mop:

Mop sauce consists of equal parts cider vinegar, sweet sherry, and James B. Beam bourbon, for a total of 1 cup. Additionally- 1 Tbsp butter, 1 Tbsp each onion and garlic powder, 1 Tbsp brown sugar, 1 tsp. rosemary, ground, 1 tsp of pictured pepper mix. All simmered gently for about 5 min.
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I am not the least bit surprised. biggrin.gif
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Cut it in half right now, slice one and pull the other!!
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Then what would he do for the remainder of the day since his cooking time would be so short??.......Hmmmmm......I wonder....... \_/ \_/ \_/.....biggrin.gifwink.gif
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OK here's a shot 3.5 hours into the smoke.

And I decided to slice the smaller end off. It was reading 140°. I wrapped in saran wrap tight, and wrapped that in a big towel. Now resting comfortable on the counter :{) MMM...had to have a taste too! Yum!

Coated the new cut end of the other hunk with a bit more rub, and back on the smoker with it!

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Now your talkin, best of both worlds!! Gonna be a long day on the other half....your lookin for 205* at least! wink.gif
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u got it made rich.... not only u got lunch, man think about ltr... lookin good and can only imagine with the smittys..... got to be great!!!
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Mmmm Rich, it's looking gooood! Thanks for that mop recipe too, can't wait to give it a try.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great so far. I'm not familiar with this cut of beef. Would this be similar to a pork butt/shoulder on a swine? Is it pretty tender doing it MR?

Been think of getting a steamship round for the Helluva Cruise in August but that price is much more attractive.
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Looks good, Rich. The smoker is still crusin' along I see. You come up with a drum yet?
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