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chix thighs?

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I have never bought them before so not sure what a good price is but my wife bought a pack yesterday for .79/lb, if that is a REALLY good deal I'll stop and get more today. I have never done them and just bought some split chicken breast to try cause my wife said she didnt want to eat the thighs, well I guess for .79/lb she decided she would try themicon_rolleyes.gif
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Sounds like a good price to me and I'd take thighs over breasts any day.
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I've seen in my area thigh and drumstick for as low as .49 lb. I'm a breast man myself..but I"ll handle a thigh or two
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I have seen the chix quaters for .49/lb and want to give them a try some time also.
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Thighs are great, better taste than the breast. When I make chicken and sausage gumbo.....thighs it is. Great for grilling or smoking. Good luck!
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That's a pretty good price on thighs... sale prices here usually run 'round .99 a lb. Usually have to get outside metro ATL to find lower prices.

They're often on our dinner menu... marinated for the day, in the toaster oven for about 30-35 minutes. Always great to toss on the grill for guests as well.
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Yeah that's a good hit in my neigborhood. I also like the thighs, has more of a fat content than chicken boobs. Bone in thighs take a little longer to cook than boobs, but they don't dry out as easliy. If you peel the skin an remove the bone their just as good and take less time to cook.
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what is a good mild wood yall use to smoke thighs. iv got some hickory- but im looking for something else. im in pecan country. i guess i should just try that. any other ideas?
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Chicken + Pecan = HEAVEN!!! wink.gif
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Man, I remember when I first moved here ('01) where I live now. .19 cents a lb PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif Couldn't believe it. Now we see .49 to .52 cents a lb most of the time for the sales.
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I'm in agreement with Icruzen.
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Not a bad price at all, I think I paid 0.89/lb the other day. I actually have grown to like them more lately. I used to be a strictly white meat kinda guy but after cooking some thighs on the grill marinted in Mojo I was hooked.

My wife also uses the thighs for Chicken Caciatorri, and they come out great. Next stop for the pack of thighs I have in the freezer now is ...

THE SMOKER!!! I'm gonna rub them with some lemon pepper and smoke them with some pecan wood. Hopefully they turn out good.
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Do you guys de-bone them or cut the skin off of them or just leave then how they are?
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When it comes to chicken parts I'm a griller. Skin on, bone in, rubbed and grilled over lump on the Weber Kettle. Nice and juicey with crispy skin.
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try it all!

F- Yea! did some theighs the other day... MONEY! here's some q-view

TBS YO! get with it...

And here's a different time... straight-up ECB Yall! Who knows about that?
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Leave the way they are. Rub, marinate whatever you want. If the skin is soft, just crisp them up on the grill if you eat the skin, otherwise just chuck the skin, the meat will be tender and juicy!

Good luck!
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Brine them over night then rinse, pat dry, rub with your favorite rub making sure you out some rub under the skin. smoke at 250 until internal temp is 170 then enjoy they will be juicy and tasty.
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