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Newbie Roll Call

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Hello, my name is Brian, and I just took the training wheels off my smoker the other day. I have been smoking for only 3 years, and only 1 year with my MB electric. I am an engineer in Lafayette, LA. This is a great site, I wish I had visited before now. God Bless America

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Welcome - Its a great place!
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Hia Brian, and welcome to SMF. We wish you had come sooner too...'cause we like to meet new folks and help iffin' we can! Enjoy your time here!
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Welcome, and Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO. I am a new guy also; start with some fatties and you can't go wrong. I did my 2nd and 3rd briskets together today along with 3 fatties and some canned biscuits. The biscuits were for the chief cook and the dogs also approved. Everything was OK and I finished the briskets in the oven as planned because of the big storms that came through. You should have enough woods down there to flavor about anything. Semper Fi.
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MB Element Short

I may have stuck this question in the wrong place the first time as a reply to an older thread. Anyway, just wanted to stick this out there to see if anyone has had this problem.

My MB quit working the other day, and I noticed my GFI tripped. I took the back off of the smoker by drilling the rivets and disconnected the heating element wires (thanks for the previous post). When I plugged the unit back in, it didn't trip the GFI. I checked the two heating element wires with a meter while the unit was plugged in but off, and I had 120V on one side. Does the thermostat close the neutral side of this circuit when heating is required, and does the hot leg remain on the element always, even when the smoker is turned off? Anyway, I hooked the heating element wires back up minus the ground and set the element on a non conductive material. When I plugged the smoker back in, the (case) outside of the heating element showed 120 V when I checked it with ground. I am assuming that the internal wire of the heating element has come into contact somehow with the outside of the element. Can I purchase another element from Masterbuilt, if so, does anyone know how much they cost? Is this the right fix? By the way, the covers on the wire connectors to the element were in terrible shape, I hope someone with an old house, MB smoker, and ungrounded receptacles doesn't get electrocuted or burn their house down due to this cheap wiring.

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Wow... Nasty stuff, that. Never would I think that they float the element hot and switch the neutral. You have a short to the case it sounds like wheather thru the element or the wiring.

MB should bend over backwards to help. Mention a fried, hungry labrador.. ;{)
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF!! I'm no help with your elect problem.....I don't even like to screw in light bubs....
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Can't help with your elec problem but welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Hello Brian, and welcomer to the SMF. Now that your off the training wheels, you can get up to speed on America's road to smokin'.
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I talked to MB, and the hot leg is always going to the element on the unit I have, and the neutral opens and closes based on the thermostat. They are helping with the problem. The internal wire of the element which should be encapsulated in a non conductive material has somehow shorted to the outside casing of the element, which is why I have voltage on the outside. Thanks, and make sure that this and all electrical appliances are grounded, and use a GFI outlet if possible.
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Welcome Brian!
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Welcome to the smf...........I am glad to hear Masterbuilt is taking care of you and making it right...............
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I am a newbie as well, and had the same problem with my smoker about 6 months after I bought it. I called Masterbuilt and they replaced the whole cabinet for me. Apparently the elements are not available alone.
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Cowboy UP!

Hi Guys, first time on the smoking meat forum! Just moved to Florida in hopes of fortune, fame, and of course great BBQ. Having a fun time getting my smoker out there by my condo's pool on the weekends and attracting a crowd. Seems to help a lot with meeting people and occupying my time. I have a WSM and I love it! Best piece of equipment I own other than my vintage Infinity speakers. I am having one problem though and thats finding a good BBQ supply store down here with a good selection of wood. Super Wal-Mart officially does not have everything! If anyone knows the wood scoop in the Orlando area I would be grateful. Thanks again!
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Welcome Brian. These folks can teach ya a trick or two.
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Somebody out there has to like my posting name!
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Newbie checkin in for Roll Call

Greg here, been smokin for a few years decided to get serious this year.
I am using a modified Cargriller Smokin' Pro. Thanks guys for all of the tips, they are great!! The photo's really helped too! eek.gif
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Brian, it's never too late to join the SMF.
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Masterbuilt Delivered

Masterbuilt replaced the whole box minus the door and control pad due to the short in my unit. I was happily surprised that they stood behind their product.
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