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Hit the jackpot

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Between about three friends today, I got more wood than you can shake a stick at. Pardon the pun.

All three have large amounts of land with a variety of wood available. In total I got Hickory, Oak, Red Oak, Cherry and Apple. I also got Sassafras. I read where Dutch warns against this one. The guy giving it to me has the same affinity for food that I do, so I trust what he says it can do for meat.

I went researching on the internet. Several wood smoking sites sell bags of it. I will try it and see what I think about it.

The only I missed out on that I wanted was Pecan. However the most popular BBQ joint here uses Pecan. They gave me the number of the guy they buy theirs from. I called him but have not got a call back yet.

Turns out this area has a large abundance of Black Walnut. There are bunch that have been knocked down by storms. I think I found a big one that may been down long enough. Anybody know how long leaves will live a tree that appears to 50-60 years old, or just a big tree?
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great score...wish i could trade you peacan for oak..
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Pictures of this wood score???
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Sounds like you hit the Wooddo!
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That be a fine score fer sure!
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Awesome score!

I really would love to hear how you like the sassafras, it sounds yummy!
Would love to see some wood-vue...no pun intended..wink.gif
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I wouldn't recommend black walnut as a smoking wood even though it is a "nut" wood. It is a very fine-grained wood with a particularly oily texture. Beautiful as furniture......as a smoking wood......not so much.

Just my $.02
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