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New smoker questions

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I built an offset smoker this spring. The pipe is 3/8" thick, 64" long and have an inside diameter of 19". I have had the iron laying around for a few years and finally took the time to cobble it all together. I have used it a few times and have a few problems that I hope to get some help with. I am trying to use just wood in it. I own a logging/sawmill business so getting wood is easy!biggrin.gif When burning I am not getting the nice blue smoke but more of a grey smoke. The problem is that the meat cones out with a STRONG smoke taste - way too strong. The wood is red oak and sugar maple that has been cut and drying for 1.5 years. What am I doing wrong? I am struggling with the photos because I cannot get photobucket to work for me. Do I have to use that to post pics? I will keep trying.
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Try useing smaller peices of wood, building more coals a smaller hot fire will produce a better smoke than larger peices kinda smoldering
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I think I got it!!! This was the first smoke. I have since added fenders, a red oak work area and paint.

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Have you tried preburning the wood then shoveling it in and only use one or two small splits at a time for smoke?
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on big mamma jamma it has no fire box the whole end swings open and i build the fire in the end,like they said get you a good bed of coals going too,i don't know how big around your stack is,mine is just under a five gallon bucket in size but because of how i fire this one it's needed to avoid the over smoking,that might be something to look at also.just an idea good luck
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Can you post a bigger picture of the cooker in your avatar??
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i'll try to get a couple different ones on here
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What size pipe is that??

That is a monster!!!biggrin.gif
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hehhehe hince the name big mamma jamma!! lol the grates are about 3' across those butts were running pretty big bout 8.5 to 9 lbs each you can get about 4-5 in a row across depending on how you work it.with a 12' long cook chamber.biggrin.gif
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No doubt!!!

That is awesome!!

Makes mine look small!

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hey that ain't nothing to sneeze at!!! lol good looking rig are you leaving like that or trailer mounting it? where are you building fire?
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Gonna build a trailer and probably add a propane cooking station.
I am building inside right now. I used about 5 pounds of charcoal ,two pieces of white oak and one hickory. cooked great.

I am gonna look around and find the right piece of material for my firebox but I got to say it did pretty darn good without a firebox.
I do need to add a stainless water tray to put a little moisture in the cooker.

Oh there's always a project to do...........
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What size pipe is yours??
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Thanks for the help.

I have not tried the burndown method. I know it can be done without doing that so I am going to try to figure the process out.

The wood pieces that I am using are about 10" long and 4" square. I have been putting 3 or 4 in at a time. I will try using just a couple on a big bed of coals.

The exhaust pipe is 4" inside diameter and I keep it open all the time.

Do you guys use a water bowl in yours?
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heck i'd have to have a 15 gallon washtub!!! in ol big mamma jamma lol!!myself i don't use one, to be honest i don't run one in any of mine except the lil brinkman gourmet.and i don't have a problem with mine drying the meat out low and slow should do the trick enough.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oneeye ... do you have any air vents/dampers built into the firebox ?
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