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A tear in my eye...

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And a run in my nose.

Smitty's dust! LOL..all packaged up and will be going out within 24 hours!

Thanks to all who ordered...made me cry! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Thread Starter's my list. If I missed anyone PM me an address and quant. Basically with shipping there's about a 2 Oz for $7, and a 4 Oz for $13

Texas Hunter
Richoso- Need your address Rich
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Man ten years ago I'd of been all over that stuff Rich. I have to be very careful now with my heat intake, I still love the heat, it just don't like me so much anymorePDT_Armataz_01_05.gif I might have to order some anyways for the folks I serve that can still handle the heat. Thanks for your services Mr. Richtee!
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rich, sent you pm with adress. thanks
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Tears of joy!
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Do you take Paypal?
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I'd like a big un if you have enough otherwise small one would be fine.
I REALLY appreciate you sharing bro.
PM me where to send you payment and I'll get it off to you.
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Cebo - (heck your nickname has a nickname ! :))
I understand your pain.
Prilosec has helped me GREATLY.
Kind of spendy but worth it.
Otherwise check out a Pharmacy at a "Club Store" and get their store brand version of "Acid Reducer"
Best to talk w your Doc but I swear I open up jars of Pepperoncini and eat em for snacks. LOTS at a time and no problems.
Oh yeah, and give yourself a couple weeks of that stuff for trying peppers and start out small at first.
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Hey Vman sorry I missed that post. Thanks for the advice! Definitely worth looking into.
I just got mine yesterday and gonna try some on some eggs this morning. I'll let y'all know how it is after the flames have extinguished.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

Cebo for short? Hehe that works.
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Ok here's my review. While its not hot, at least in my opinion and I certainly mean no disrespect to Smitty. Its perfect! Here I was expecting something nuclear and it wasn't even close to that, it was perfect. Ultimately I ended up using about a healthy teaspoon full mixed with 3 eggs and it was delicious!!!
To me there is a point where heat overrides flavor and at that point I'm only hurting myself for no purpose. I'm no stranger to heat as I've had some of the hottest Thai dishes you can imagine and the really good ones do an excellent job of balancing the heat and the flavor. For me thats what its about and Smitty's Dust is spot on in that respect. Thank you for sharing, I will be a future customer for sure.
Now to think of the other ways I can use it hmmmmm.....
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WOW. I expected nuclear. Haven't received it yet but am surprised.
It sounds perfect. I go through 2 GIANT bottles of Frank's Red Hot a month. Can't help it. Brother LOVES hot.

I am SO looking forward to this stuff.

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Sounds really good Placbo!
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