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split chicken breast?

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I want to try some chicken so I got some split chicken breast with the skin on. I wanted to try thighs but the wife doesnt like dark meat so thought maybe with the skin and bone on the split breast might be enough to keep them moist. Anyone ever do these? Thinking I should brine first?
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Done it and here is the proof. I always brine chicken unless it is a short notice cook, so I will definitely say yes to brining......takes a good thing and makes it better IMO

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Well, you know me and I never brine. However, never did split breast on the smoker either. Have done turkey breast though and they came out just fine.
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Well I have done boneless skinless turkey breast before, guess I could have done boneless skinless chicken breast the same way. I wrap it in foil with some butter or marinade after it gets to about 140 or so and it always turns out nice and juicy. I'll try brining the chicken. What is a good brine to start with?
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If you aren't really looking to add flavor, but just keep it moist, go with 3/4 C Sugar, 3/4 C Kosher salt per gallon of water.............increase or decrease the amount of salt and sugar depending on how long you plan on brining the bird. I use that ratio for about a 4 to 5 hour brine.
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I'm with Joe! Also a few bacon strips can't hurt. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better!
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I think if I had to do it all over again, I would have pressed my wife a little harder to name our son Bacon.
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How much should I cut back on the salt/sugar for an overnight brine?
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I'd cut it in half assuming 12 hours or so.
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I don't think you need to brine em that long since they are cut pieces. My .02, but if you are going to I would cut it back to 1/2 cups per gallon....but I would throw in some more spices some rosemary....yummy!
Happy smokin'
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i've got some store bought chicken rub that i might add to the brine
maybe i'll go with half cups per gallon for about 4 or 5 hours, i dont want them to be too salty.
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Yeah, if you are nervous about screwing it up, go on the light side.
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thanks for all the help guys.
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