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Okotoks Alberta Canada!

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Great BBQ forum guys! I thought I'd stop and say hi. I have been playing with pits and grills for close to 2 years now. I am a pipeline welder here in the Alberta oilpatch and like to build BBQ pits/grills for ****s and giggles! One thing lead to another and I now have a BBQ team(pipe N hot BBQ) and we have our first comp coming up very soon. I have cooked tons of pork/beef ribs, ATB's, Fatties, pulled pork and Chicken, and hope to win something at one of the comps this summer! I plan on starting one of my pits at 5am sharp tomorrow to cook my very first brisket!! I am also looking for another person to join our team, the comps we have coming up are at Strathmore Rodeo and BBQ on the bow. I like to ask questions and have already got some good info from the forum. If anyone has any questions about welding feel free.
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Welcome Alberta Pit, glad to have ya here and good luck with your team.
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Welcome eh!
Congrats on the team! Lots of luck from Cali for your first comp, love the team name too! Are you using the Smokyokie sear method for your brisket? It is really yummy!
I will anxiously await the Q-VUE tomorrow! biggrin.gif
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Good luck eh?

Welcome & keep us posted.
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welcome to SMF, sounds like you have a little expierience under your belt!!! any questions some be along to help, cant wait to share some smokes!!!
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF Alberta. Hope you put big fireboxes on those puppies up there in the Great White North! Heck, even here in MI it gets dang hard to keep temps up!
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Welcome to the best BBQ forum on the net. Think I'll stay in Florida my bloods to thin for that far north. lol
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Welcome to the SMF Pit!! Come on in and enjoy your stay. Your experience is welcomed here.
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Welcome to the SMF!! I like that....just jump right in an start competing!! Way to go!
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