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Darn turkey legs WAY too big

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I got three cases of legs for work, last time they were almost 28-30 to a case, this time there were more like 18. Geez im feeding old people!! the plan was to smoke them then braise them with canneloni beans and of course onions, carrots and onions. Im wondering if I should take the meat off the bone?
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Take the meat off the bone? Absolutely not! This just means you need to go buy a bigger smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I've got an off-the-wall suggestion that others may be able to shoot down, or thumbs-up.

Is there a way to start smoking some legs and about 2 hours into the smoke, or however long it takes to cook the exterior meat of those massive legs, pull the legs off and take the exterior smoked meat off the leg, then throw back on to the smoker to continue smoking the rest of the leg? That way, you could keep the integrity of the leg concept, yet trim them down in size and keep the meat that was trimmed off, in a pan for an additional offering.

Sometimes bigger isn't always better ... PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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No , i got room for them, im just worried about old folks tipping over when they try to lift them.icon_smile.gif
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OIC, so you need a counter-balance. Maybe nail the chairs down and strap them to them? Hehe just kiddin, hope it all works out for you. Sounds like taking the meat off the bone may be your only option.
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That funnybiggrin.gif
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If I had the right tool to slice them osso bucco style that wouldve been great.
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When's this supposed to happen? Got a local butcher with a meat saw? Bi-sect longitudinally. The Bucco thing won't work so well with turkey legs would it?? Don't those little bone to sinew things get in the way? Chicken stix only have one of those- turkey has several. Little spikes...yeeeouch!
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Its 7 am est and its happening right NOW. Well as soon as I get my lazy *** of the couch and out the door that is. Im sure to bring my camera with me today. Im telling you guys some of those legs are at least 3 pounders. Perfect for a family gathering where one might smoke and carve about three of them but for an individual portion where i usually aim at 4-6 ounces of finished meat per person geez.
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Please take pictures. I'd really like to see these Flinstone portions. eek.gif
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Well... good luck...LOL! Let us know how it goes eh?
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Wilma........I told you turkey legs, not bronasoarious legs!!!!!! Good luck!biggrin.gif
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Sometimes bigger isn't always better ... PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif[/quote]

thats the same thing I've been telling my wife!!biggrin.gif
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Well these pictures dont do justice. I weighed the biggest one and it was a little over 2 1/2 #s, geez they musta been big turkeys. Anyway of course round the time i was pullingt hem off, there was no time for photos as I was in the weeds and I immediately threw some ribs on so it was hustle hustle. Tommorow ill take a photo of the finished dish and post it.

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Hehe..."In the weeds"... looks like a nice mowed lawn to me! Well, maybe a BIT long.!

Sounds like it went OK tho eh?
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