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How long can beef jerky stay warm after vaccum sealed?? - Page 2

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If you vac seal it in smaller packages, it should keep very well.....especially knowing that each pack that gets opened will be consumed in a short amount of time. I can't quote you a specific time it will last, but would think that 6 months or more wouldn't be out of the question. And like Richtee said, if frozen, it will last much longer.

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A year ago a friend of my sons was in Iraq and I sent him a "care package" that include my beef jerky. I vacuum sealed a half dozen in each pouch and had no problem. My recipe has prague powder in it for the marinade. I probably shouldn't say this on this site but, I didn't smoke it, I dehydrated it.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Also, send a lot because my sons friend said that everything that is sent is shared. You'll make a lot of guys happy.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i sent 8lbs dried to iraq last year......dehydrated, not smoked.....marinade was 1/2 soy, 1/2 worst base......i packed it in freezer bags, and threw in one of those silica packs i got from a camera shop

it went fine, made it there ok, and was consumed quick

properly dried jerky is good for +/- 30 days out in the keeps best in a jar, where it is kept from the elements, but can breathe a little.....if you want to keep it long term, freeze it

vacuum sealed, it should keep longer.....a trip to iraq will do fine

make sure it is back down to room temp before you seal it
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Thanks fellas!!!! Rock and roll
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Same question as before, sending to Iraq.. Seasoned and cured with HiMountain, but covered in KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce??? Is that still ok??
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What are you talking about? A Lb of Beef Jerky doesn't make it 48 hours in my ranch!
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I would vacuum pack the sauce seperate and send them both, he can put them together there
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Dude, that's down right sporting of you.
Make a double batch - or more - and send him a deck of cards too.

That's awesome man. Style the guy up and say thanks from us all.

What a GREAT "mail day" for him!
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not only the deck of cards.......but a CRIBBAGE board also
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What is worst base?
Wurst maybe? a seasoning?
I'm curious.
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Gotta agree with you there.
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