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Art Of BBQ In Tulsa

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Is anyone competing in the Art of BBQ in Tulsa this week end? I hope to get there to take in the activities and taste testing!!!
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tulsa bbq

when is the next one?
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It is historicly in July every year. The dates won't be set for next year till closer to the 1st of the year.
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OH yea, there is 2 more cookoffs remaining in Oklahoma this year. the first in September in Ponca City and the second one is in October in Jenks.
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Where are these events and where can I get the details of them? I would like to attend at least one of them.
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You will have to wait till next July.
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These events are listed on the KCBS web site.
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bummer about just missing the one in tulsa by a few days. thank you for the kcbs site. that helped me out a great deal. i even found one in fay ar. daughter talked about that when she lived there. i might keep oct. in jenks on the calendar. thanks again.
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