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New Smoker / Grill

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Just picked up a new to me smoker after searching for almost 2 months. It was perfect timing because the seems on my old brinkman split on Sunday. The smoker was very well kept and was used less than a couple dozen times. Fired it up on the 4th about 30 minutes after I got it on the patio.

I smoked 2 drunken chickens, a full rack of spare ribs and a big piece of brisket. Once the smoking was done I moved the leftover coals to the main chamber to grill some teriyaki chicken thighs, pinnacle pork chops, and some bacon wrapped asparagus! The amount of food I can cook at once it's at least 4-5 times more!!

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Congrats on the new cooker.
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Thats a niiiiice one!!
Great looking grub too!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Awesome find - someone took good care of that one. Know you're gonna enjoy it - looking forward to hearing more about it in the coming days! cool.gif
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That is an excellent looking rig, and grub! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!
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Very nice!!!! Looks like you're getting great results out of it too!
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Looks pretty sharp! ...And the food looks awsome too! Congrats on the lucky find.
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Wow... good looking find. Gotta love a good offset.
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Great lookin' smoke!!! Can I come over to your house for dinner?? LOL

Congrats on your find!!
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Nice smoker.
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A fine lookin' smoker and some good lookin' food!
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Very nice smoker, What brand is it?
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Congrads on the smoker, Looks great. Chow looks awesome too.
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Nice find on the smoker, and great looking Q.
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Looks really nice. I'd like to try a stick burner if I find the right deal, but I'll stick with my WSM and UDS for now. Congrats, food looks great, were you feeding the whole neighborhood because they sure must have smelled it all.
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Nice score. Good lookin eats tooPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

BTW, love the avatar, "Shakin it Boss"biggrin.gif
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Good looking find, good looking Q!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Awesome score there my friend!
the smokin' fairies were with you on that find!! good looking chow!! YUMMY!
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