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Long Weekend

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Since the weather here in CT was supposed to be overcast with rain showers this past weekend, I threw a holiday "cookout". Started out on friday with a 13# brisket.

Brisket ready for smoker

Point on top - flat on bottom

Flat is done - off to the cooler

Point ready for burnt ends

Worked on the building and clean up while cookin on friday.

Saturday started on the rest and got to try out my stick burner.

Test run after preburn on offset

Stick burner going

Both smokin

Beef ribs done

Spares done

Birdies almost done

Used jeff's rub and a apple-cherry juice w/ brown sugar mop on everything. Was so exhausted after two complete days of smoking w/ little sleep that when everything was done, I just gave up and let everyone else just dig in. Wish I would have gotten more pix but I think I took on alittle more than I was ready for. Everthing came out good & everybody loved the food. Next time I think I'm going to need a helper.
I had fun doing it though.

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you did a great job, looks like chances are good for leftovers.
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Only "leftovers" I got was the plate my cousin made for me. I couldn't even eat when I got done. Just sat Next to the frig w/ da beer.
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Looks great! Love your offset!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking smoke, and I love the barrel rig!!!
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It's not done yet. Gonna put on front wheels ,a steering wheel, and a seat. want to make it look like an old steam tractor. Wanted to make sure it would cook right before the finishing touches.

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oops, meant to include cowgirl. Still new at this.

quote=cowgirl;221873]Looks great! Love your offset!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif[/quote]

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