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Old homemade cookers

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Went to a friends house this weekend for a crawdad boil.
His collection of "stuff" is interesting.....

He made the old woodburner years ago and it still works like a charm. The vertical section has shelves for food too.

His burner is made from an old truck tire rim. With the pot sitting on top, the thing is close to 5' tall.

It puts out great food though....

His wood bin......

He is an auctioneer. The "stuff" he has collected over the years is pretty amazing.biggrin.gif
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Mmmmm.......crawdaddys!! Love the other "stuff" too.
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The man has utilized his resources, glad you had a great time.
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DINGLE, it's fun just wandering around his place looking at all of the "stuff".biggrin.gif

Rich, it was a fun evening. :)
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I have often wondered 'bout the newspaper they pour the boil out on. Does the ink add that much flavor? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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No, but the flies they swatted right on the table added some protein. lol
Just kiddin.wink.gif
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Thanks for sharing the pics. I like seeing that old stuff.
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Thanks Joe. :)

Here's a pic of some of my old "stuff".....
My tractor tire rim fire ring....great for camping.

And an old burner made with a piece of pipe, a burner from an old hot water heater, and rebar for legs.

This cooker has seen many calf fries, crawdad boils, turkey fries, fish fries, etc..
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Suddenly I am hungry!!!
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Hey Vlap, welcome home! Or are you still on vacation?
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Heh... I have had a few boils...even one out East...they ALL do that. Not the flies...the newsprint. Just strikes me as strange. I mean, what's wrong with a cotton tablecloth or something? Anyway..nice post. Classic iron there!
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Where there is 'stuff' and an idea - there will be a will and a way! Love to see old stuff used in innovative ways.
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2 more days of vacation!

Loving life here.. I just feel so stinkin healthy I might have to eat at Mcd's for week after I get home.
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Chicken Foot Soup

The one with the truck tire rim, brings back a few memories. On a mission trip to Jamaica a few years ago, we made "Chicken Foot Soup" on a similar setup.

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Love it John!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Me too jocosa!

Rich, there has to be some kind of danger in cookin or it's no fun! smile.gif

Vlap, don't give in to McD's!eek.gif
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Thought you were gonna say "the doctor just removed the last one from my *^&."

We always use newspaper for oysters too. It's all about the easy cleanup, because eatin oysters requires copious amounts of alcoholic beverages, leading to a slim chance I'm gonna be up for cleaning for 36 hrs.
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Mmmmmm oysters!!
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We call it "stuff", my wife calls it something else!
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