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More first fatty's with Q view (fatty day today!)

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Well folks,
Here's my first fatty and now i got Q view figured out my wife asked me if i was gonna take pics to stare at it or eat it. LOL
My wife wanted something for dinner when she got back home in 2 hours and i wanted to smoke dinner. So.... left over fatty came to mind. I had some chorizo and ground beef (she doesnt like spicy food) left over crab cake mixture from last nights dinner and lots of zucchini from the garden. so i mixed the chorizo with ground beef for the sausage and put thin sliced zucchini, blue jack cheese and the crab mixture inside. the pictures tell the story.

sliced zucchini with the blue jack cheese

crab cake filling before rolling

resting on the counter

on the table mmmmmmmm and the blue jack was a perfect touch too!
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Now that will awaken my taste buds! Congrats on the smoke, and thanks for the Q View too!
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Looks real everyone enjoyed that one!!
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Surf and turf, with a salad. I knew it; fatties are the perfect meal.

Well done!
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Man, that looks good. The stuffings are endless!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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NICE! Never thought of zucchini... but that sounds really good... biggrin.gif
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love that idea with the crab, and also a cheese lover,blue jack-i can honestly say i have never seen it. i bet it was great!!! sure looks good!!!!
thks for the idea with the seafood!
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I second that thought about zucchini as I love that vegetable! What did your wife think of her dinner? biggrin.gif
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first the blue jack: Sonoma Jack in Sonoma California makes it and i bought it from grocery outlet for blue cheese burgers originally. I love those and blue cheese yum! I never heard of blue jack either and just had to try some.

i have a bumper crop of zucchini (3 plants) tons of one of my favorite summer squash. I've used vegi peelers like a mandoline for other vegis and it works great! the kiddies are already getting tired of the zucchini and ive only stuffed one this year (just had to have it). so i snuck a zucchini into the fatty with the crab.

my wife can not tolerate spicy foods at all even taco bell mild sauce sets her tongue on fire. Bummer cause a medium sauce or salsa for most people is like mild to me and i love to season with exotic peppers. But cutting the chorizo with the ground beef made it tolerable for her and she could enjoy it. the cool thing was the blue cheese melted tight into the crab and the crab sucked up the juices which made the whole thing even better. We had some fresh bacon fried swiss chard on the side YUM!
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Sounds like a gourmet fatty to me. Delicious!
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Very original....Looks great, I may have to try that SOON!
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That looks so tasty, I have to try one soon, Good work!
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