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Babybacks and Dutch's Wicked beans w/Qview

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Here we go again folks.

Weather was just beautiful for smokin, and lotsa grub to make the day. Did 3 slabs of BB's, half glazed in regular sauce and the rest glazed in some Cuban Mojo I scored in a trade with Erain. Method is 221. This is also my first attempt at Dutch's beans. I'm happy to report they went quick. Good stuff!

Here's the fixins for the main dish: rub, Mojo sauce and Lumbre chili:

Removing the membrane: I slice down the middle then pry up a corner to get started.

Comes off pretty good once ya get started.

All rubbed down: the bottom rack is the one with the chili

Ready to smoke:

About a 1/2 hour in

My lil girl wanted to get in on the action: ready to add more wood.

Almost ready to foil:

Outta the foil

Glazed. Only did about 40 mins once outta the foil:

to be continued. Too many images
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part 2:

My plate:

Lord of the smoke ring:

Thats it:

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Looks like a great feast nice job!!
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Looks awesome, I gotta try those beans.
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Those look great, but did I see 4.59/lb? Ouch. I got spares (1.59/lb) 'cause the BB's were 3.29/lb and I was feeding 30.
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Thanks, and it sure was a feast. Not shown are the snacks and appetizers, salad and stuff we ate prior to this. Needless to say, I was stuffed. Pie will hafta wait.

You'll be sorry if ya don't!biggrin.gif Definitely do them. It is well worth it.
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awesome feast rob!!!!! looks like those bb's done to perfection, and if that mojo tastes halfa what it looks.... great job!!!
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Did you cook the corn on the smoker as well? It looks yummy and makes my mouth water... love good ribs!
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Yep 4.59. Used to it here. I prefer BB's and even though it cost more than spares, its worth it, especially since I don't usually do too much at once.

Thanks Erain. The missus was the only one who wasn't sure what to make of it, so thats the reasoning by splitting up the glazes. I found it similar to Jerk seasoning, but more on the citrusy side. Will be going through that one in time.

Corn didn't get smoked. I just boil it, as I have tried grilling corn in the past without much success.
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Great looking grub.
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Nice job, thanks for the QVIEW.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Qview is a mustcool.gif I've found it easier (for shorter smokes) to get it all together then post it in one shot. Much better than runnin in here ever 1/2 hourbiggrin.gif
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QVIEW IS A MUST. I know it takes time and can be a pain but it sure is inspirational for the newbes, gives them hope, and lovers of this smoking thing also.

It was inspiring to me the first time I came here. That's why I am here to not only learn, but to share.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Having smoked chicken thighs and smoked mashed taters, and smoked beans tonight.

Thanks again!
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Mr Porky, I like your style. I practice that same method on Q Views.
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