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Wasn't going to smoke but.....

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Well, I wasn't going to smoke anything this week end but I sort of did. I was going to fry up some wings today. Had a fire going in the back to burn a bunch of fallen branches and decided to cook/smoke some wings. Love cooking on a open wood fire. Not sure what my wife used to season them, but they had bread crumbs on them plus the seasoning. They were great. Here are a couple of pics.
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Nice looking wings Andy!
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nice changeup andy with the open fire!!! good lookin wings!!!
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Looks great, Sometimes the last minute cooks are the best. All you need is a few beers and some meat. LOL
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Andy...yer sooo good...! Give the man a match and get a napkin!
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Looks great Andy!!!
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Looks mighty fine andy! Give yer wife a kick in the butt aa aaaahhh, pat on the back fer the help!biggrin.gif
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Andy - it's difficult to resist the silent beckon of the smoker once it knows that we're addicted to it's smoke biggrin.gif. Great looking wings, my friend!
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Trav, you have to remember one thing about what you said. "A pat on the back, is only 3 feet away from a kick in the A_S" lol

Thanks for all the great comments.
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Nice job Andy. Man I love me some wings!wink.gif
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That's the trick, knowing which voices to listen to... inside or outside? Doesn't really matter, I guess, as long as there's Q to view!
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nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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