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Thanx to all

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to take a min.to say thanks for all the advice on the fourth.( the day I joined)...in a panic I might add.
on the fourth was my second attempt at smokin a brisket and it was a 16 lb monster....scared as hell!!!!!!!!!!.....well thanx to my new found smokin home......it was a success........Thanx smf and I look forward to learning so much from ya'll
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Alllriiiight! Congrats! Few things are more satisfying than helping someone to many here. Well, more satisfying would be a slice of brisket...but, well..we understand ;{)
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Glad to have met with ya in the chat room, Ty, and most importantly that all went well with your smoke.

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Wtg Ty. Did I miss the pictures in this post??
Glad it turned out for ya. The people here will never stear you in the wrong direction.
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